Love Island’s Hannah Elizabeth looks very different after “Life’s Biggest Change”

LOVE Island’s first series runner-up Hannah Elizabeth (Hannah Elizabeth) has a new hairstyle and looks completely different.

In recent weeks, the 31-year-old former blonde beauty dyed her hair black and made her Instagram debut.


Hannah showed off her new hairstyle on InstagramCredit: Instagram

Playboy Bunny was the first person to walk through the door of the villa.

But her iconic blond hair has been changed to striking black.

The Liverpool-born girl posted a lot of glowing selfies showing off her new black hair.

In a short video, she added: “This is the biggest hairstyle change in my life.”

Hanna is tired of her blonde hair


Hanna is tired of her blonde hairCredit: Instagram

Fans scrambled to comment on the star’s recent makeover.

Someone said: “Unreal ? reminds me of when Katie Price turned black! The best look.”

The second wrote: “Oh my God, I like it!”

Another wrote: “Beautiful and gorgeous.”

Fans shared their love of Hannah’s new hairstyle


Fans shared their love of Hannah’s new hairstyle

Since staying at the Love Island villa, Hannah welcomed a baby boy named Reggie in 2019.

Her son gave birth to her boyfriend George Andreetti, but the couple gave up when they got engaged.

Hannah is known for falling in love with screen boyfriend Jon Clark, who continued to appear in Towie and got engaged only five weeks after knowing each other.

However, the couple broke up before she walked down the aisle.

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