Kensington Community Resilience Fund provides a $200,000 grant to solve the opioid crisis in Philadelphia

Kensington Community Resilience Fund provides a $200,000 grant to solve the opioid crisis in Philadelphia


Each of the 20 community organizations will receive $10,000 in grants to improve the quality of life in Kensington, Harrogate, and Fairhill—three communities in Philadelphia have been severely hit by the opioid crisis.

The grant is awarded on Wednesday Kensington Community Resilience Fund, A public-private partnership aimed at strengthening grassroots efforts to tackle opioid addiction and its impact on the community.

The $200,000 funding will target several priorities: public safety and gun violence, youth development, workforce development and training, beautification and elimination of blight, linking residents to resources, and building resilience to the trauma of the community.

A group of residents from three neighborhoods were selected 20 recipients From 48 applications.They range from Paper Mill Food Center, A volunteer effort to provide food, diapers and other supplies to families in Kensington, Fishtown, and Port Richmond, Kensington Football Club with Power Street Theater, Provide free bilingual performance and script creation courses.

“Selected by community members, we are moved by your belief in our mission and the quality and necessity of the work we do,” Paper Mill Food Center Said in an Instagram post on Wednesday. “It’s amazing to meet so many people doing their best to serve the community.”

In addition to funding programs and activities, organizations can also use grant funds to pay for management expenses, including rent and employee salaries.

“These grants are designed to provide organizations and projects with as much flexibility as possible to carry out work that supports the Kensington community,” the city said in a statement. Press release“The purpose is to enable grantees of all sizes to work sustainably during the one-year funding period.”

Officials are expected to open a second round of financing in the fall.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that these grants were issued on the same day More than 93,000 overdose deaths last year, a record — This is an increase of 29% from the record number of deaths in 2019. The number of deaths caused by opioid overdose rose from 50,963 in 2019 to 69,710 in 2020.

Philadelphia recorded 1,214 deaths due to drug overdose in 2020 Ministry of Public Health. This total is the second highest in the city’s history, an increase of 6% from 2019. Of the deaths, 86% involved opioids such as heroin, oxycodone or fentanyl.

According to public health officials, most drug overdose deaths in Philadelphia occurred in the 19134 ZIP code, which includes Kensington and Harrogate. The 19133 postal code, including Fairhill, was one of four cities that reported at least 50 overdose deaths.

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