Jason Kells of the Eagles clarified the pronunciation of his brother’s name bombshell

Jason Kells of the Eagles clarified the pronunciation of his brother’s name bombshell


Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kells has been selected to the first team all-professional player, three-time professional bowler and Super Bowl champion three times. His younger brother, the Chiefs’ close end Travis Kelce, has been selected to the all-pro first team three times, won six professional bowlers, and a Super Bowl championship. He holds the NFL record for most consecutive seasons. He received 1,000 yards near the end and received a single season. The game with the most balls, 1,416 times.

You would think that the world would know how to pronounce Kelce correctly, or that one of these brothers would make it clear before 2021.

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For more than ten years, everyone has said “Kel-see”, but it is not complicated. Then Travis revealed on the Barstool Sports podcast this week that the correct pronunciation of his name is “Kelse” and there is no long “e” at the end.

“I mean, I just rolled with my fists,” Kells said.

It’s almost as strange as Brett Favre making people say the “v” in his name before the “r”, Ben Stiller StyleThis may be even stranger considering that there are two brothers involved, and they have obviously not even bothered to correct their teammates over the years.

But after the NFL world was shocked on Wednesday, Jason Kells jumped on SportsRadio 94WIP on Thursday morning to break the record.The following is Kelce’s explanation, through Bloody green country:

My brother and I have gone through Kel-SEE all our lives. I still remember my father called “Ed Kelce” when he answered the phone, and he grew up when he answered the phone and everything else. Therefore, our family has always been Kel-SEE. But we have a very small family. We don’t have any first cousins. The grandfather on my side died before I was born. So, somehow, we are so out of touch with that side. At some point while working at a steel mill in Cleveland, Ohio, my father was tired of correcting everyone who called him Kel-SEE. Obviously, the “correct” pronunciation, the standard pronunciation is Kelss. This is the experience of the rest of the family. So, my father, out of sheer laziness, completely changed his surname. Now, I think we are at the point where we are riding with Ed Kel-SEE. For some reason, he decided to change it, and this is what we have experienced throughout our lives. Therefore, we are different from other family members in this respect. Since becoming an NFL player, we have received a lot of messages and text messages from family members all over the world saying: “Your name is wrong!” So, yes, this is the story. But to be honest, we will choose any one, but I prefer Kel-SEE, because I have said this all my life, and my family has said the same.

When Kelce played college football at the University of Cincinnati, the broadcast company’s pronunciation cheat sheet clearly showed the long “e” pronunciation. Jason’s explanation above helps to understand why his brother has only recently spared no effort to make people aware of other pronunciations.

Some fans pointed out that Travis tried to use alternative pronunciation as part of the broadcast package before the 2020 AFC Championship.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and wide receiver Terek Hill expressed shock at Kells’ late correction on Wednesday.

It’s difficult to get anyone to change their pronunciation in the final stages of the game, but this may be something that some announcers made fun of during the first few games of the NFL season in September to fill the time. In any case, these people should stick to what works for them.

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