Federal elections have not yet begun-but the party is in full campaign mode

Although the prime minister’s office insists that the recent series of government announcements are business as usual, the major parties appear to be in a full pre-election mode as their leaders are spreading across the country to meet with voters.

Experts say that they are not surprised. A minority government tends to last for about two years and is more willing to hold elections when the conditions are ripe to win a majority. If the recent polls can be trusted, that is where the Liberal Party is now.

Conservative Party strategist Tim Bowers told CBC: “No government is in a unique position of the current government. A country has just experienced… a pandemic, and a positive and relaxed mood is coming. “news.

“Every politician is looking for winning conditions. When you have the power to trigger elections like the prime minister, you now get A+ on winning conditions. If we don’t participate in the election at some point, I will be shocked in August.”

The three major national federal parties have recently been presenting their leaders before voters, road testing policy announcements and working on campaign logistics.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau held two events in Quebec this week, and he plans to take a short trip to eastern Canada next week.

Trudeau takes a vacation in the first week of August. The source told CBC News that the Liberal Party staff were told to ensure that their holidays are over and return to Ottawa before August 9.

Conservative Party leader Irene O’Toole visited Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan this week. He plans to visit parts of Atlantic Canada next week, although a party spokesperson said these plans may be possible. Will change.

A spokesperson for the New Democracy Party stated that the party assumes that an election call is about to be held and will let leader Jagmeet Singh (Jagmeet Singh) stay on the road to participate in the event until the call arrives.

Singer will visit southwestern Ontario this week, and then travel to Alberta to visit the Calgary Stampede on Saturday and Edmonton on Sunday.

A week later, Singh will meet with his core team in Ottawa and then return to the road for a two-week trip in northern Ontario, Manitoba and Nunavut.

A spokesperson for the New Democracy Party stated that the party’s campaign plan is in place and that planes and buses will be ready by early August.

“It’s really common to conduct these almost trial runs,” New Democrat strategist Katherine Munk told CBC News.

“What the parties are trying to do now is to test the information, test the framework. Each party is trying to build the ballot box problem, and they are trying to make sure they see them on those battlefields.”

Munch said that the parties are now also trying to collect videos and photos that can be used during the campaign. She said Singer’s team took his shots last week when he was in British Columbia, just like Trudeau’s staff did in North Vancouver at the same time.

Bowles said O’Toole’s trip to the west this week allowed him to visit safe Conservative constituencies in advance so he can focus on Ontario and Quebec, where he really needs to sit down.

“You have to go to areas where the country needs support, do the work you need to do, and go to places that you might not be able to reach during the campaign because you have to focus on other key areas,” Bowers said.

In the past 30 days, the Liberal Party’s Trudeau Facebook account spent $112,619 on advertising, and the party’s independent account spent another $53,616 on Facebook advertising.

The New Democratic Party has not purchased Facebook ads in the past month, but the Conservative Party spent $31,989 on its own ads.

Munch said she was surprised to see the Conservative Party buying such small advertisements because the party was so successful in fundraising. A party spokesperson said that Canadians should “keep an eye on it” because more ads are coming.

Observers still warn that although they expect elections to be held in late summer, the situation may change soon.

“There are many signals, but we will never know until Trudeau actually crosses the street and sits down with the Governor. Then we set off,” Munch said.

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