Egan Ritchie, a predator elementary school student who raped and strangled four children, was unmasked after he was 18

A schoolboy who raped and strangled four children in a month-long violent rampage can be exposed today-he is 18 years old.

The predator Egan Ritchie was only 15 years old when he committed the despicable crime in 2019-but his identity was concealed because of his age.


The 18-year-old predator Egan Ritche was unveiled

One of the survivors of the beast was severely throttled, and she passed out, thinking she would die on his hands.

He denied his crimes, but was convicted after a trial at the end of last year-but remained anonymous due to his age.

Only after he forced four traumatized teenagers to provide evidence, did Rich casually admit that he had abused him.

The police called him a “dangerous predator,” while the judge called his behavior “disturbing and serious.”

Disgusting crime

Ridge in Ayrshire in southwest Scotland was convicted of nine counts of assault, rape and threats, and was detained for seven years.

The court heard that he attacked the four girls near his home.

Lord Arthurson said: “In the case of three girls, you strangled their necks with both hands.

“One person lost consciousness, thinking she would die. You threatened to kill three girls.”

The judge said that he had read a victim impact statement provided by a girl and stated that the impact of the young man’s behavior on her continued to “have a serious adverse effect on her life”.

Defense attorney Tim Niven-Smith (Tim Niven-Smith) said that the young man accepted the results of the jury’s investigation during the trial and now admits this behavior.

Detective Inspector Martin Prendergast said: “This teenager is a dangerous predator. He has no remorse for the victims. They are all children.

“He took advantage of their weaknesses, and his actions will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on them.

“For such a young person, these are terrible crimes, and we welcome his conviction.”

The horror moment “convicted rapist” was caught “spying on a girl’s bedroom when she was alone”

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