Eagles 2021 training camp preview: defensive end

Eagles 2021 training camp preview: defensive end


Before the start of training camp (basically in the absence of other news to report), we will look at every player on the Philadelphia Eagles roster and how well they fit the team. Today we take a look at the defensive end.

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First look at the depth map on the defensive end:

From 1 2 3 4 5
LDE Brandon Graham Ryan Kerrigan Tarron Jackson Joe Osman Jaquin Bailey
RDE Derek Barnett Josh Khan Patrick Johnson (robbing LB) Mattrio

Brandon Graham

Graham could easily become the Hawks’ best defensive player in the first half of the season, but his performance gradually weakened:

Brandon Graham Tackle (TFL) sack FF QB hit
First 8 games 21 (9) 7 2 11
Last 8 games 14 (4) 1 0 5

Off the court, Graham has unlimited energy and enthusiasm. If you are the head coach of the NFL, he is the player you want. For a new head coach like Nick Siriani, or a first-time defensive coordinator like Jonathan Gannon, his veteran is especially useful.

Graham turned 33 in April. Assuming Jason Peters will not return, he is now the longest-term player on the roster.

Derek Barnett

Barnett only completed 5.5 sacks in 13 games in 2020, bringing his total number of sacks in the four seasons of his career to 19.5, which is lower than the reasonable expectation for the 14th player. Although he is still only 25 years old, I would like to know what kind of upper limit Barnett has, because he was selected because of his university productivity, not his sporting measurable standard. Barnett’s endurance is also worrying because he missed 10 games in 2018, two games in 2019, and three games in 2020.

Last offseason, the Eagles exercised Barnett’s fifth-year option, he will be included in the 2021 salary cap of 10,051,000 US dollars, this figure is now fully guaranteed. It is agreed that the Eagles will reach a new agreement with Barnett to significantly reduce his salary cap expenses in 2021, but it is a bit surprising that he will play at this salary cap number this season. He plans to play in 2022. Become an unrestricted free agent.

Obviously, from a financial point of view, this is an important year for Barnett.

Josh Khan

Although Barnett University’s performance is very good, but the sports indicators after graduating from college are very average, but the sweat is just the opposite.He lacks good university work, but has Elite athletic abilityBarnett performed more early in his career than Sweat, but Sweat broke out in 2020 and is better than Barnett.

Eagles Snap Tackle (TFL) sack FF QB hit
Derek Barnett 535 34 (6) 5.5 0 16
Josh Khan 422 38 (9) 6 3 12

Here are the six sacks. In the last bag here, Sweat stretched his left arm straight into Terron Armstead’s chest, raised Armstead’s outer arm with his right hand, and then the bull stuffed him deeply into his pocket. This is a coordinated beauty, maybe The best example of how far is the sweat coming, technically.

Like Barnett above, the 2021 season will have a huge financial impact on Sweet because he is in the final year of his rookie contract.

Ryan Kerrigan

In the past 10 years, Kerrigan has been one of the most stable pass rushers in the NFL, completing 95.5 sacks and 26 forced turnovers during this time. For many years, he has been the thorny eye of the Eagles. In 19 games in his career, he has 13.5 sacks, 6 forced turnovers, 24 QB hits, 51 tackles and 3 recovery errors. All these data are personal best results for any team.

His performance dropped last season because he only played 38% of the team’s fast breaks on the WFT defensive line. He has 5.5 sacks, 5 additional tackles and 6 QB shots.

In Philadelphia, his role should be interesting. Will he play the “Anthony Barr’s role” in the Hawks’ defense, or will he be more of a straightforward quarterback like when the Hawks signed him in the 2017 offseason? We will be more aware of his role in the training camp.

Tarron Jackson

Jackson is a short and stubby pass rusher. He has achieved good results (18 sacks, 26.5 TFL) during his last two seasons (23 games) on the coast of the Carolinas. He is known as a powerful rusher with fighting ability, and (Andy Reid warns!) a high mobility, which is a necessary characteristic given his lack of height/height and ideal sports measurable standards.

Jackson showed the ability to learn both inside and outside in college, so it is surprising that he weighs only 254 pounds on the combine harvester. The bet here is that the Eagles will try to gain weight within a range of around 270 degrees, allowing him to contribute as a high-intensity rotation player inside and outside the professional team. He will have the opportunity to learn from Brandon Graham early in his career.

Patrick Johnson

At Tulane University, Johnson is an energetic pass rusher. He once led the country in sacks in 2020 and tied for third with 10 times. Since 2018, Johnson has 24.5 sacks, 6 forced turnovers and 11 batting passes to Duran. He won the weaker game with speed, and effectively countered this speed through a speed-to-power sprint.

At 6’2, 240, Johnson was too young to be a low defensive player in the NFL. The Eagles announced that he was a linebacker, and his conversion to the second level will be an interesting thing in the Eagles plan, because it is expected that under the leadership of Jonathan Gannon, the linebacker will be better than under the leadership of Jim Schwartz Have more opportunities for lightning.

As mentioned above, there are already many signs that Jonathan Gannon will play an Anthony Barr-like role in the Hawks’ defense. Players suitable for this role include Kerrigan, Genard Avery, Joe Ostman and Johnson.

So if he is listed as a linebacker, why is he on the defensive end? The bet here is that if he plays as a rookie, it will be a passing sprint role.

Joe Osman

Osterman has been the darling of training camp for the past two seasons, and during training was a real problem for Jordan Myrata (in a good way). In 2020, Osterman ushered in the first real game action in his life, appearing in three games and taking a total of 29 snapshots. Nick Chubb rudely welcomed him to the regular season.

Osman felt once again a good bet for the practice class.

Jaquin Bailey

Bailey is a lost free agent rookie, in 54 games at Iowa State University, he has 25.5 sacks. At 6’2, 246, I think the Hawks might treat him as a linebacker, but he seems to stay in DE. Obviously, he is a long-range shooter on the roster.


Leo joined the Eagles last season as part of the international player channel program.He has An interesting background story, And his position in the practice team is safe.

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