Cruise ship will be allowed to visit Canadian ports in November

The Federal Minister of Transportation announced on Thursday that the cruise ship will be allowed to return to Canadian waters on November 1.

Minister Omar Alghabra stated that cruise lines will be required to “fully comply with public health requirements” in order to sail through Canadian waters and call at their ports.

Federal officials initially extended the cruise ship ban until the end of February. In a speech in Victoria on Thursday, Algabra said that the government believes it is possible to shorten the restriction period because the country has made progress in vaccination and reducing the number of COVID-19 cases.

The ban has dealt a devastating blow to port communities that have long relied on tourism.The cruise industry has contributed Contributed more than 4.1 billion Canadian dollars to the Canadian economy in 2018 and created 29,000 jobs, According to the International Cruise Line Association-Northwest and Canada.

Over 2.3 billion Canadian dollars in economic activity and approximately 15,000 jobs in British Columbia

The Greater Victoria Harbour Authority stated that it and the entire industry are preparing to fully reopen the industry in 2022.

It said in a statement: “Although many organizations engaged in the cruise industry in Greater Victoria have suffered financial losses, their dedication and commitment to the industry has not wavered in the past year and a half.”

The Charlottetown Port Authority stated that ships are unlikely to dock at PEI before the end of this year, but agreed that the department will set its sights on the spring.

The Charlottetown Port Authority thought that the 2020 cruise season would be its “biggest year in history” and planned 97 visits. When the cruise ship ban came into effect during the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, revenue almost disappeared. (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

“There is no doubt that it is difficult for everyone involved in any part of the tourism industry, so I think it will be a very emotional and very meaningful day for everyone. [ships] Back to Charlottetown,” CEO Mike Cochran told CBC News.

“We look forward to working with our provincial health officials… to ensure it is safe and a reliable return for the Canadian cruise industry.”

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