Barrie, Ontario was destroyed by a tornado, causing a 5 km path of damage

Barrie, Ontario was destroyed by a tornado, causing a 5 km path of damage



Environment Canada said on Friday that a tornado that swept through Barrie, Ontario, left a path of destruction about 5 kilometers long and 100 meters wide in some places.

The Federal Weather Service gave tornadoes, Attacked a city about 110 kilometers north of Toronto on Thursday afternoon, EF-2 rating. It brings wind speeds of up to 210 km/h.

The city of Bari said on Friday night that 10 people were injured after paramedics initially set the number at 8 at a press conference on Thursday.

As of Friday afternoon, all but two had been released. No one was injured in a life-threatening manner.

The mayor of Bari, Jeff Lehman, told reporters that more than 100 people have been displaced, but this number may increase because some people go to reunite with their families and may not have reported their situation to the city government.

Scott Lamantia, a senior communications consultant in Bari, said the tornado also damaged about 150 houses, of which about 60 were “unsafe to enter”.

Governor Doug Ford said that if the insurance company does not cover the cost, the province will provide compensation for the houses hit by the tornado on Thursday.

“We will support them here. If the insurance does not cover, then we will step up to help them,” Ford told reporters.

Ford visited the affected area on Friday afternoon and said the province will do everything it can to help the affected residents. He talked to the residents and they told stories about hiding in the basement, watching the dust fly as the tornado whizzed down above their heads.

The miracle of no one’s death: Ford

“This is shocking and heartbreaking,” Ford told reporters.

“I want to yell to emergency personnel. They are absolute heroes,” he added.

As for the residents, Ford said: “These people, in a matter of minutes, literally, their lives have changed. But we will let them stand up again. They need anything and we will be there to serve them.”

Ford said that no one was killed is a “miracle.”

Watch | Tornado leaves traces of destruction in Barrie, Ontario:

A tornado landed in Barrie, Ontario, injured several people and caused damage in its path. 4:20

Deputy Attorney General Sylvia Jones stated that the province has not yet stepped in to provide assistance because the City of Barrie has done a “good job” in handling the aftermath.

Mayor Lehman thanked the governor and residents of other parts of Bari for their support.

He said that when residents saw the funnel cloud landing, they knew what to do.

“Because many of our residents have gone to their basements, this may have saved their lives,” Lehman said.

On Thursday, a worker was investigating the damage left by a tornado in his neighborhood in Barrie, Ontario. (Christopher Kasaroff/Canada Press)

At the same time, the city has turned its attention to clean-up work.

It is expected that the staff will start some repairs today, including repairing roofs that are not too badly damaged and going door to door to ensure the safety of each house.

Lehman Brothers said the community has begun to unite to support those who suffered the most from the tornado by donating food and supplies.

Most of the affected residents ended up living with friends and family.

He pointed out that for many long-term residents of Bari, this is a familiar scene.A kind In 1985, a tornado killed 8 people and injured more than 100 people in the city. Hundreds of houses in the Allendale community were destroyed.

“Today’s scene is reminiscent of it,” Lehman said. “I lived in that neighborhood when I was a kid. I mean, it was shocking, you know; you never thought you would see it again.”

Yesterday’s tornado also brought back memories of 70-year-old Judy Arksey.

“It’s like deja vu,” she said. “I glanced at the sky and knew what would happen.”

When the tornado swept the street, she was in her daughter’s car in the driveway. Her two grandchildren-6 and 16 years old-are with them.

“I remember the horse was carried off the track during another tornado. I think our car was in it with my grandchildren,” Aksi said.

She said that as soon as she saw the sky, she told them to look down so that they would not see what was about to happen.

Fortunately, she said that despite being beaten in the strong wind, the car remained on the ground and she and her family were not injured.

She said that after yesterday’s destruction, the community has united, just as it was 36 years ago.

After the tornado in 1985, Aksi spent two weeks as a volunteer, helping the church as much as she could.

“I’m too old this time to do this,” she said.

Drone lens tracking the path of the tornado

Gerald Cheng, a meteorologist with Environment Canada in Toronto, said on Friday that the EF-2 rating depends on structural damage, especially houses. He said that when the roof was demolished and the outer wall collapsed, as in this case, the wind speed was estimated to be about 210 kilometers per hour.

However, he added that more investigations are ongoing.

“We must go backwards, we must question: Well, we have seen such destruction, what kind of wind will cause such destruction?”

Fire officials said the tornado damaged about 25 houses and razed two or three of them to the ground. (Grant Linton/Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

Western University’s Northern Tornado Project, a research team that worked with Environment Canada to determine the rating, is planning to obtain drone footage to track the path of the tornado. He said that the damage indicated that it took a straight path and did not lift off along the way.

“We have not forgotten that a devastating tornado passed through Bari 36 years ago and killed 8 people. So far, we have not heard any reports of deaths. So this is good,” Cheng said.

“But we know the news reports that someone was injured. But in terms of the rarity of this kind of incident, I mean that Barry is located where thunderstorms do form, and if thunderstorms are strong enough, they may cause damage, wind damage or tornado damage. .”

Zheng said that Environment Canada issued a severe thunderstorm warning to Barrie at 2:28 pm on Thursday and upgraded it to a tornado warning at 2:38 pm.

He said that the warning is a “protective layer”, but in terms of tornado forecasting, the lead time may be zero.

“It is important to remember that when we are outside, we must pay attention to the situation around us and understand the situation around us. When the weather worsens, it is time to seek shelter indoors,” he said.

“What we want to impress the public is that the preparation time for these events is almost zero. There is nothing better than understanding our surroundings.”


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