Angelina Pivarnick of Jersey Shore admitted that there was “a lot of resentment” in her marriage with her husband Chris before she was shocked by the divorce.

JERSEY Shore star Angelina Pivanik admitted that her marriage to her husband, Chris Larangeira, was “full of resentment”.

She made this request in the “Jersey Coast: Family Vacation”, which aired on Thursday, Music TV The star filed for divorce.


Angelina admitted that there was “resentment” in her marriage to ChrisCredit: MTV
TV personality divorced her husband in January


TV personality divorced her husband in JanuaryCredit: Instagram

In the latest episode Jersey ShoreThe 35-year-old talked about her marriage issues while drinking with DJ Pauly D’s girlfriend Nikki Hall.

In a confession, Angelina said: “We always attack each other.

“The resentment is there, but now the distrust is there, and now it’s also because he moved away.”

After telling Nikki that her relationship with Pauly was “so different and beautiful,” Angelina continued: “It’s best to keep everything between the two of you.”

Then she lashed out at Chris for “running on social media” and complained that he posted a photo of them on Instagram, but wrote that he “lived my best life” to cover up her body.

Back in the confession room, Angelina said: “We still have a lot of work to do when we get home. A lot.”

Call it to exit

After months of split rumors, it was confirmed in early July Angelina filed for divorce with Chris.

U.S. Weekly It was found that Angelina had submitted the documents in January, but it is unclear whether she delivered the documents to 42-year-old Chris.

Angelina opens her heart

Angelina has always publicly disclosed that she encountered problems in her marriage Chris In the current season of the MTV show.

In the previous episode of Jersey Shore, Angelina admitted that she Hope her relationship It’s a love affair “like Poly D and his girlfriend Nikki”.

During Poconos’ actor tour, Angelina and Chris sat down with Poly D and Nicky to discuss the difference in their relationship.

After hearing about the family life of Paulie and Nicky, Angelina told everyone: “I wish it were me and Chris.”

Regarding her troublesome relationship with Chris, she told 40-year-old Pauly and Nicky: “You know, we will try to solve the problem and start from there.”

In her confession, she said: “It’s great to see Nicky and Pauly can fight in their own homes instead of taking them out to show them to the world.

“This is something I absolutely want in my relationship.”

Earlier this season, Jersey Shore stars Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino learned Clips suspected of cheating earlier this season.

Angelina has repeatedly denied “side booing”, and Chris refused to watch the video.

The couple got married in a luxurious TV wedding in November 2019.

When the audience noticed that the two had Unfollow each other on Instagram.

Angelina has been talking publicly about her problems with Chris on the MTV show


Angelina has been talking publicly about her problems with Chris on the MTV showCredit: MTV
She told Poly D’s girlfriend that their marriage required


She told Poly D’s girlfriend that their marriage required “a lot of work”Credit: MTV
The couple tied the knot in 2019


The couple tied the knot in 2019Credit: Getty
Angelina Pivarnick of Jersey Shore underwent a “fat burning” liposuction on her abdomen after cosmetic surgery

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