There is only one English river where you can swim safely

On the radio, environmentalists and pop stars will reveal the truth about the death of English rivers.

Punk Rock Shaki of Fear And the voice of angels Charlotte church An unlikely anti-pollution alliance will be formed.


Sewage treatment plant overflows directly into the riverCredit: Alami

They will all appear in a survey designed to reveal the alarming levels of toxic chemicals, plastics and sewage in our waters.

There is only a section of the river in England that is clean enough for swimming.

Unsafe river

The rest are unsafe, because human and livestock waste is pumped into it every day.

According to statistics, the amount of sewage discharged into rivers across the country increased by 37% last year. Environment Agency digital.

Water company accused of using Covid emergency Use this as an excuse to spit out more untreated sewage.

In 2020, these pollutants were discharged into English rivers more than 400,000 times and lasted more than 3 million hours.

Now every river in the country is polluted

Charlotte church

On one day in October alone, a sewage treatment plant in Twickenham, London, injected more than 400 Olympic-sized untreated sewage into the Thames.

It is not only human waste that enters the ocean currents, but also toxic “permanent chemicals”, microplastics and wet wipes.

right now Wild swimmer, Anglers and angry locals called for change.

Streaming survey

They will appear in a live documentary called Kill the river Hosted by activist George Monbiot on Wednesday night.

The online event will include a new song sung by the church.

To support this sport, the Welsh singer said: “Every river in the country is now polluted. Most of them come from farms, chicken farms, and pig farms, but to make matters worse, there are a lot of human excreta. After treatment, it enters our river directly.”

Singer Charlotte Church wants our river to be cleaned up


Singer Charlotte Church wants our river to be cleaned upCredit: Alami

As the UK’s dilapidated infrastructure cannot cope with the growing population, this problem has been increasing in recent years.

The construction speed of the treatment plant is different from the construction speed of the house.

Water utilities should not discharge untreated waste into our rivers, unless there are special circumstances, such as heavy rain.

But activists say they are doing this even in dry weather.

Some of the sewage outlets are in operation every hour every year

George Mombio

Monbiot told The Sun: “Unless an extreme event occurs, such as a storm that washes your treatment plant and rushes into a river, you have no immunity.

“They said we encountered an extreme event-2020.

“Some of the sewage outlets are in operation every hour of the year.”

Sharkey, a keen fisherman, has noticed that the quality of British waters has declined over the past few decades.

Swans nest on a lake full of waste


Swans nest on a lake full of wasteCredit: Alami

What was found to be very profitable Utility company He decided it was time to speak up.

Even rivers designated as having special scientific value or located in areas of natural beauty are not immune.

Feargal said: “I have always been interested in fly fishing. Going back to a 10-year-old boy is a lifelong passion, but for the past 20 years, I have been standing on the banks of these rivers and watching them decline.”

People should be very angry about this situation

Shaki of Fear

“People should be very angry about this situation.”

Environmentalist George participated after noticing the offensive smell while kayaking Waihe, Close to the border of England and Wales.

He recalled: “When I went there before the river was really clean, you could see the stones.

“This time, when we were kayaking along Wye, it was really smelly. Everything was cloudy.

“I have been swimming in the Wye River for many years, but this time the stench filled my nostrils as soon as I entered.

My body is covered with mucus

George Mombio

“My body is covered with mucus.”

George also wants to see the end Face mask Floating along our tributaries.

He agrees with The Sun that they need to be recycled rather than discarded.

During the live broadcast, George will check Wye’s pollution level.

He believes that unhealthy modern farm practices should be blamed as much as water companies.

Debris collected from the Thames in London


Debris collected from the Thames in LondonCredit: Alami

He said that there are not enough methods to deal with all the manure produced by the industrial-scale chicken, pig and cattle farms that have emerged in the countryside.

George claimed: “The Parliament has allowed them to build these large livestock facilities, but there is not enough land to scatter manure.”

There are laws in place to punish farms and water companies that pollute our waters.

But George believes that the cuts mean that there are not enough environmental agency staff to inspect them.

The spread of silt is turning our rivers into a dirty brown


The spread of silt is turning our rivers into a dirty brownCredit: Alami

Farmers may only be inspected once every 263 years, and since the introduction of the Agricultural Water Regulations in 2018, there have been no fines.

He believes that Sun readers can help reverse the trend of deworming sludge flowing into our waterways.

Activists managed to bathe in a section of the river dock in Ilkley, West Yorkshire.

This is equivalent to a blue flag distributed to our clean beach.

Shopping cart on the Withham River in Lincolnshire


Shopping cart on the Withham River in LincolnshireCredit: Alami

George said: “Readers can take out the trash, defend them, and campaign for them. There is a very effective method on the Wharfe River in Ilkley, where they successfully obtained bathing status, which is the first in the UK.”

If you try to swim in the wild in any other river, you are at risk of contracting E. coli and skin infections.

Rivercide will be directed by Frannie Armstrong, who made the climate change documentary “The Age of Stupidity.”

She said that audiences can look forward to challenging the combination of Anneka and Springwatch because “anything can happen”.

What they want to happen is to cause enough odor for the government to take action.

Feargal argued: “It’s over since the 10th began to solve this problem. Now all these rivers are dying, and you are responsible”.

Rivercide will be broadcast live on July 14th at 7pm via the following methods

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