The Philadelphia Union launches a video game starring Phang, DC United’s Talon

Can I make you waste time on the Internet in a very interesting way today? If I tell you this involves running around the 16-bit version of Subaru Park as the Philadelphia Union mascot Phang, in our country’s last duel with a group of raccoons standing between him to regain supporters from DC United mascot Talon Shield capital?

If this sounds good, then please allow me to introduce to you”Tiepan. ” that’s right: The Philadelphia MLS team has its own video game.

Launched on Wednesday, looking forward to the league’s game against DC United on Saturday night, “Iron Phang” is a callback to the side-scrolling action/adventure game of the past few days. When Phang put on a suit in the Union dressing room, the Megaman’s influence was particularly obvious, which allowed him to shoot lasers from his hands and fly in the air.

The creator of “Iron Phang”, Union Digital Video Producer Greg Fallon, told J. Sam Jones Football soccer net He learned to code during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the end, after more than 100 hours, Fallon said that he had a complete game that could switch between different levels and boss battles. “Iron Phang” even offers three difficulty options, including “Insanity” for the boldest players.

“I am a huge video game fan and I like to delve into how games are built and designed to challenge you. I think at this point, I have a good understanding of what makes games fun and difficult. Said Fallon. “When we started doing this, my biggest fear was that I would try to do it myself, and I would do something too easy.”

“Iron Phang” can be played on Google Chrome and allows gamers to plug in the controller of their choice. Check out videos of league players participating in the game below.

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