The New Democratic Party promises to provide 1 million new jobs to provide better support for workers

New Democratic Party leader Jagmit Singh said his party is committed to creating 1 million jobs-something the Liberal and Conservative parties have promised in the past.

The NDP plan includes promises to improve worker welfare — such as sick leave — and investment in infrastructure to build more affordable housing and retrofit buildings.

Singh said at a press conference in Windsor, Ontario: “We need to invest in areas where people lose their jobs and create more jobs.” Today.

Singh’s announcement comes as party leaders have been making announcements across the country in the hope that general elections will be held before the end of the summer.

The Liberal Party has been promoting a plan to restore 1 million jobs since its throne speech in the fall, and the Conservative Party announced a plan to restore the same number of jobs in March.

Singh said that what makes his plan different from other parties is that he promised to provide more support to workers.

“For us, unless we have a better job, there is no employment plan, which means we must immediately raise the minimum wage at the federal level. [and] The legislation provides for paid sick leave,” he said.

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The NDP plan includes a sick leave plan that raises the minimum wage and provides workers with 10 days of paid sick leave. Singh acknowledged that these measures only apply to people who work in federally regulated industries.

When asked what this means for workers covered by provincial labor laws, Singh said the federal government can encourage provinces to follow suit.

“If there is no paid sick leave at the federal level, how can we as the federal government increase the importance of paid sick leave?” he said.

Buy a Canadian policy?

Although the NDP plan focuses on worker support, Singh said that most of the job creation activities will come from his promised infrastructure investment.

“Our plan also includes some measures that will create economic activity,” he said.

The New Democracy Party promised to build 500,000 affordable housing units, renovate large buildings to improve energy efficiency, and build an unknown number of long-term care homes.

The other parts of the plan are designed to ensure that Canadian products are used in car manufacturing and public infrastructure projects.

“The infrastructure projects of the Canadian project must use Canadian products,” Singh said. However, he did not call it a “buy Canada” policy.

US President Joe Biden took action after he took office to strengthen the existing “Buy American” policy, prompting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Propose policy in their first formal discussion.

Singh said Canada can ensure that Canadian goods are used in infrastructure projects while still respecting international trade agreements.

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