The body of the fifth victim recovered from the debris after the collapse of a BC crane

Earlier this week, in Kelowna, British Columbia, a team of professional first responders had found the body of a bystander

According to the person in charge of the team, the heavy urban search and rescue team of the Vancouver Fire and Rescue Service (VFRS) after more than six hours of work safely removed the man’s body at about 12:30 am Pacific time.

“We successfully implemented the plan we made and we worked with the Kelowna Fire Brigade all night,” Assistant Commissioner David Boone said.

“This family can be closed here some, and hope the community can return to normal, because the victim has now recovered.”

The Vancouver Rescue Team, composed of firefighters, paramedics, police and an engineer, is one of six such rescue teams in Canada.

After assessing the site, their work began at about 5:30 pm Pacific time on Tuesday. At about 10:45 am Pacific time on Monday, a crane collapsed from above a 25-story residential tower under construction and hit it. To the neighboring office building.

On Monday, a worker watched police investigating the collapsed crane, which was resting on a building in Kelowna, British Columbia. (Alister Waters/Canada Press)

Staff struggled to keep the debris stable

The man found by the search and rescue team has been working in the tower next door. He was buried under rubble.

The twisted steel in the upper part of the crane is still leaning against the partially collapsed office building.

Boone said: “There is a lot of instability in some of the remaining fragments, so we must ensure that nothing we move will damage anything below it and complicate recovery.”

A total of five people were killed when the crane collapsed. Four are subcontractors who have been building the Brooklyn building on Bernard Avenue.

Watch | The brothers identified the 2 victims of the crane collapse:

CBC News confirmed that the Kelowna crane collapse caused five deaths, including two brothers. BC officials confirmed that four subcontractors were killed in the collapse and another man was working in a nearby building. His whereabouts are unknown and he is presumed dead. 2:39

Two of the workers Be identified as a brother, One-third of them were identified as 32-year-old men from Edmonton.

The RCMP, BC Coroner Service, and Work Safety BC are investigating the collapse.

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