The 12-year-old “Petrochemical” girl “think she was arrested” because the police in the riot car knocked on the door to check if she was in isolation

The police on a riot car showed up twice to check whether a 12-year-old girl was in self-isolation.

An angry Catherine Crook said that her daughter Charlotte was “stunned” after the police showed up and asked to talk to her.


When the police yelled at the front door, Catherine’s daughter Charlotte hid behind herCredit: male media

On Sunday, the police showed up in the van and asked to talk to Charlotte directly to check whether she had been in self-isolation-and then check with Catherine.

Catherine said the police refused to tell her or her husband why they wanted to talk to their daughter.

When the shocked parents told the police that their daughter was only 12 years old, one of the policemen yelled for the child from the front door.

Catherine from Manchester Middleton told the Manchester Evening News: “At this time my daughter was standing behind me squatting, thinking she had done something wrong and was shocked.

“The female police officer standing at our door then yelled at my daughter to confirm that she had been in isolation.

“I spent Monday trying to figure out why this happened, but the Rochdale Public Health Department told them they had authorized this.”

The 45-year-old woman wrote to her MP Chris Clarkson to express her concerns, and his office is said to be investigating.

The policewoman standing at our door then yelled at my daughter to check that she had been in isolation.

However, on Monday, the Rochdale City Council sent the family a letter addressed to Charlotte.

The letter stated that they must contact the council “as a matter of urgency” regarding her isolation.

They called the council. This letter was standard practice, but the parents believed that the flyer was aimed at adults.

Then on the same day, the police came to this house for the second time.

“My husband and I were very annoyed by this. The neighbors also saw all this and came out to show our support.

“They can see what’s going on. There are a lot of riot cars on the street.

“This made my daughter very upset again, she broke down again, thinking that the police would arrest her,” she said.

“After that, I talked with a public health expert from the Rochdale City Council, and he blamed all this on NHS testing and tracking, and said that if I said that we were all quarantining this matter, things would not have progressed to this point. To the point.”

Catherine said that since she tested positive on July 4, her daughter has been quarantining and doing homework at home.

She was originally scheduled to be released from isolation on July 14.

Very disturbing

Catherine explained that she received a call from the NHS for testing and tracking on July 5, asking her to find her daughter.

The mother explained that she used her mobile phone to register her daughter and asked the caller what they wanted.

They said they wanted to talk to her, and when Catherine asked if her daughter’s details would remain anonymous, they said they could not guarantee that they would not be passed on to other contacts.

Catherine refused because she did not agree to the use of her data because her daughter was only 12 years old.

A Rochdale City Council spokesperson said: “If the National Tracking Team cannot contact someone to confirm the isolation, the details will be passed to the City Council for local processing.

“The important thing is that people must fulfill their legal obligation to isolate to protect others from the virus.

“By talking to people who are in quarantine, we can also determine if they need any support, such as food shopping, so people participating in the tracking and tracing system is really beneficial.

“We have talked directly with family members and provided them with support.”

A spokesperson for the Greater Manchester Police said: “Unless there is a violation, the process with the NHS tracking and tracing service is usually not carried out by GMP.

“This means that if someone does not answer the NHS’s call to check if they are quarantined as required, the local authorities will be contacted first.

“By cooperating with local authorities, the police will be required to attend because of unanswered calls and suspected violations to conduct inspections and issue fixed penalty notices when needed.

Catherine said that since she tested positive on July 4, her daughter has been quarantining and doing homework at home


Catherine said that since she tested positive on July 4, her daughter has been quarantining and doing homework at homeCredit: male media
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