PennDOT stated that construction of the new Cotsville railway station will begin later this year

The long-awaited project to build a new train station in Cotsville appears to be expected to begin construction this fall, marking an important step forward in the effort to revitalize Chester County.

PennDOT officials announced the bidding opportunities for the project this week, informing the contractor that a pre-bid meeting will be held in a virtual manner on July 27, and the agency’s Engineering Construction Management System.

The goal is to start construction of the project later this fall.

This New railway stationAfter more than ten years of construction, it will be built east of the historic station on Third Avenue and Fleetwood Street. The station building has been closed for more than 25 years and does not meet ADA accessibility requirements. Passengers currently using Coatesville station enter the platform from the outdoor stairs.

The existing Coatesville station is one of the least used Amtrak stations in the area. Amtrak has tracks along SEPTA’s Paoli/Thorndale Line. The SEPTA Regional Railway once provided service to Coatesville, but terminated the service in Thorndale.

Amtrak’s goal is to increase the frequency of trains at the new Coatesville station after completion in 2025, and SEPTA also stated that it plans to restore regional rail services to the city in the future.

“Investment in transportation infrastructure is critical to the economic vitality of the region, and we applaud PennDOT for continuing to upgrade the Keystone Line as a priority,” said Leslie Richards, general manager of SEPTA. “The Coatesville Railway Station project will be another important improvement, and today’s announcement is a welcome milestone. We look forward to working with PennDOT, Chester County and the City of Coatesville to serve this growing community. “

PennDOT officials stated that the new station will improve ADA accessibility and provide local and regional commuters with horizontal boarding platforms, elevators, ramps, on-site lighting and safety, improved drainage systems and surface parking. The station platform will include canopies and seats. The pedestrian bridge will also facilitate movement between platforms. The project is estimated to cost approximately US$21 million.

Cotsville City Redevelopment Authority also $1.65 million received A 175,000 square foot multi-modal parking facility was constructed on Fourth Avenue and Fleetwood Street to complement the new station. The facility is expected to include bus transportation integration, covered shelters, bicycle racks, and nearly 500 parking spaces to support transportation services for SEPTA, Amtrak, Link, and Kraft Bus.

The new layout of Fleetwood Street will maximize the commercial and retail development space on the south side opposite the new station location.

During the project design phase, PennDOT worked with the Coatesville community to improve the streetscape of Third and Fourth Avenues in 2019 and 2020 to improve traffic from the city center to the new station area.Part of historical station Also remodeled at the end of 2019 Produced by the production company behind the HBO hit drama “East Side Mare”, which includes some scenes from Cotsville.

Coatesville officials celebrated the news that the railway station project is finally ready to start in the next few months.

“The new train station is a key part of the city’s’reimagining of Cotsville’ focus and collective economic revitalization efforts,” said city manager James Logan. “The residents of Coatesville, including our young people who are facing traffic challenges, will soon be able to enter other areas. People who commute every day can greatly reduce their driving time through nearby regional stations. This is a long journey. PennDOT and Amtrak and city officials Working tirelessly, members of the Cotsville Redevelopment Authority and the Cotsville Construction Team helped guide us through the process. We thank them for their commitment and cooperation.”

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