Michael Jordan participates in a sports fishing competition at the beach this week

Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest basketball player of all time. After retiring, he played 18 holes of golf most often without worrying about his ownership of the Charlotte Hornets.

But it seems that Jordan also started sport fishing during his retirement, and it is this hobby that made the Basketball Hall of Fame member come to the Jersey Shore this week.

MJ and his Catch 23 team are at the beach Jimmy Johnson Atlantic City seeks ring championship fishing week, Starting on Monday. Of course, 23 refers to the jersey number of Jordan’s fame.

The tournament is hosted by the head coach of the Professional Football Hall of Fame. It lasts for three days and has a prize of $1 million. This is the first time Atlantic City has hosted Johnson’s annual fishing tournament, which is held in South Florida every March. This week’s tournament is the first time they have scaled up.

According to reports, Jordan’s ship was a Viking yacht named Catch 23, which was parked at the gold nugget pier where the event was held. Local photographer HughE Dillon. Jordan will obviously stay in Bogata this week.

When not participating in the competition, Jordan has always enjoyed the local dining venues. On Tuesday night, he was spotted eating at Steve and Cookie’s By the Bay at 9700 Amherst Avenue in Margate. Someone saw Jordan walk out of the restaurant, smoking one of his signature cigars.

Jordan is one of the eight anglers on the Catch 23 team. Although the team did not catch any fish in the first day of the game on Tuesday, Catch 23 had already caught 3 white marlins on Wednesday. Competition website. Jordan was personally involved in one of them.

Just like on basketball courts and golf courses, Jordan is not slack in sports fishing. According to reports, Jordan and his crew won a sailfish championship in North Palm Beach, Florida last month. USA Today.

According to reports, the Catch 23 team caught a 25-pound dolphin fish in a sports fishing competition in North Carolina in June. Inside storyAccording to reports, Jordan and his team dragged a 442-pound blue marlin in the same game in North Carolina last year. CBS Sports.

This is not Jordan’s first famous trip to Atlantic City and the Jersey Shore.Notorious gambler Jordan Infamously headed to Atlantic City Bets were placed in the casino the night before the second game of the 1993 Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks Eastern Conference Finals. Jordan’s adventure in Atlantic City came after the Bulls lost the first game of the series at Madison Square Garden.

The Chicago team continued to lose the second game and trailed 2-0 in the series, but this didn’t make a difference. Jordan and the Bulls won four games in a row to defeat the Knicks and advance to the Finals. He defeated the Phoenix Suns and won the NBA championship for the third time in a row.

Therefore, if you are in the Atlantic City area this week, look out for Air Jordan.

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