Love Island camera exposed in the background during a rare shooting error

In yesterday’s show, Toby, Chloe, Liberty and Jack took a group photo, the secret camera of Love Island was exposed in a rare shooting error.

Although it is a reality show where every action is recorded, the recording equipment is usually cleverly hidden to maintain the feeling of flying on the wall.


An angle of the villa that has never been used exposes one of the cameras

But when the islanders posed for a photo while enjoying breakfast, their efforts were exposed, and the angle of the camera was awkward.

Jack with Toby Already got help Hugo Help their partner enjoy a romantic breakfast date.

Hugo pretended to be their waiter and served the four of them. They later asked him to take a group photo with them.

Lined up at the table, the group held up a glass of juice and posed for the camera.

An unprecedented angle of the garden of a luxury villa


An unprecedented angle of the garden of a luxury villaCredit: Erotem

The final image is then displayed on the viewer’s screen-there is an intrusive large camera behind Chloe.

The black equipment protrudes like a sore thumb in the woods of the luxurious garden, giving you a glimpse of the famous villa of the show.

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In the meantime, tonight’s Love island Saw Brad being dumped He and his partner Lucinda were rated as “the most incompatible”.

The two had to decide between who left the villa, and Brad immediately voluntarily joined an early show in the series.

But Lucinda’s refusal to leave with him made him feel very angry-Islander Faye accused her of being “fake”, and the audience at home Claiming she was secretly glad that Brad was gone.

As if the drama of that night was not enough, this episode The new blockbuster AJ meets the boys This is the first time since her sexy arrival.

Brad decides to leave the villa so Lucinda can stay after being eliminated in Love Island

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