Love Island 2021 latest news-Brad and Lucinda are heartbroken by Chloe and Toby tonight

When Brad and Lucinda found themselves facing the exit of the villa, the fans of Love Island changed dramatically.

The couple enjoyed a wonderful date and announced on the show last night that they have feelings for each other.

But the viewers at home think that this pair of partners is the most incompatible and is in danger of quitting the show.

However, in the typical Love island Fashion, there is another twist-a fan will have to wait until Wednesday-as Brad with Lucinda Now it must be decided between the two of them who will go home.

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  • Continue to pay attention to more love island gossip

    Long time no see, tonight’s installment…

  • Where to get them

    The R cap is manufactured by the sportswear brand Rewired, which is the official headwear partner of ITV Love Island in 2021.

    Viewers can purchase various styles directly from the Rewired website or high street giants JD Sports.

    The price of the hat is between 25 and 30 pounds, and there are many colors to choose from.

  • where are they from? !

    Hugo Hammond, Toby Aromolalan, Aaron Francis, and Jack Cornish have all been spied on…

  • are you kidding me?

    This year, sharp-eyed audiences once again had a desire for some enviable fashion items worn by the contestants.

    This year all eyes are on the boys, who have been wearing “R” Rewired hats.

  • carry on

    Although the Welsh roofer tried to show off his seductive skills because he became hot and heavy on Millie Court, anyone could see the bulge of his boxer.

    Read the full text Here

  • The audience likes LIAM’s dressing choice in Hide Away

    When he appeared at Hideaway last night wearing only a pair of white pants, the big guy must have made a statement.

  • Ruined!

    Faye WongThe 26-year-old held his head in both hands and said: “I can’t do this, I can’t fake it.”

    Katz replied: “I heard it, I actually heard it. I was so shocked.”

    As salon Added: “I didn’t expect it.”

  • Many tears

    Faye Winter, Kaz Kamwi and Sharon Gaffka burst into tears in tonight’s episode.

    In tonight’s villa drama, an islander kicked off the ITV2 show, and the cheeks of the three women were stained with tears.

  • More spoilers are coming! ! !

    stay tuned…

  • Put her cards on the table

    As freedom became more and more attached, she expressed fear that she was not good enough for men.

    However, she was quickly picked up by Jake, and he pulled her over and hugged her and assured her that he would stay. Good boy.

  • Free and open

    This pair of bubble shoes has become a single product from day one, and both admit that they have a sense of capture.

    But freedom has always had doubts

  • The end of Ghiberty

    Liberty Poole is worried about her partnership with Jake Corner.

  • Along the way?

    Millie, an Essex girl, put on a nurse’s outfit and straddled Liam face down.

    She grabbed his bare butt and kneaded it like sourdough bread at home.

    Their lustful antics convinced the audience that they were the first couple to walk along the way in this series.

  • Better for some people!

    A couple who have no such concerns are Liam Reardon and Millie Court.

    They spent a good time in the hideout, watching them search the weird drawers with candies under the bed.

  • What happened last night?

    Brad McClelland and Lucinda Stafford face the most difficult task in the series so far-deciding which of them to throw away from the villa.

  • After another islander was dumped, Love Island sent a new hot bomb to shake the villa
  • The new blockbuster?

    Listen to ITV2 and ITV Hub at 9 tonight to learn more!

  • A nice surprise…

    After the challenge, the islanders were shocked by a surprise…

  • Who will win?

    Girl or boy?

  • Bucks vs. Hens Challenge!

    Islanders dressed in classic hen party and bachelor party costumes compete with each other in flipping cups and raucous games.

  • She has text messages!

    The text says: “Islanders, it’s time to lock the horns and raise the feathers in today’s boy and girl challenge of the stag and hen. Whoever wins will get a new opposite sex #gameon #alltoplayfor

  • The islanders are also participating in new challenges!

    Single Katz received a text message…

  • Is this the ending of Chloe and Toby?

    The blonde beauty added: “He made me really doubt his intentions and whether he was sincere.”

  • carry on

    Chloe said: “He is so fucking fake. I thought,’Why are you surprised, because of what happened to Kaz, the public won’t love us.’

    “But if it’s true, you don’t have to worry. In fact, he became emotional with me because we were in the bottom three…This is too fake. My fucking face is blue. ”

  • Chloe is not happy

    The marketing director decided to take Millie to talk about what Toby said…

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