Kurt Vile and The Violators sang The Velvet Underground’s “Run Run Run” for the upcoming tribute album

Kurt Vile (Kurt Vile) grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, he has been singing for the Velvet Underground’s “Run Run Run”. In 2017, He must play this song with Velvet Underground member John Cale In Brooklyn.

On Wednesday, Vile and his band The Violators released what he described A new lens of “hypnosis” In the tracks of the star-studded cover album, “I will be your mirror: tribute to Velvet Underground and Nico. “Listen to this song below:

“Lou Reed/the Velvet Underground may be my earliest classic rock influence,” Evil tells the rolling stone“I like it. The first time I heard them, I’m sure I might have been stoned to death. When you hear this kind of music, it’s so natural and primitive, but you know, so confident, all of these combine , [it’s] very cool. So there is no apology. It just has an effect on you that you can’t even notice at the moment. ”

Evil, who is in April The Velvet Underground Joined by Verve RecordsHe and The Violators said that a few years ago, he recorded the cover while touring and mixing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out the original version of Lou Reed and the company below:

“There is a direct connection with certain indie bands and bands other than Velvets,” Vile said, according to Paste Magazine“That’s why Velvets is a classic. You know it can have doo-wop and the like, but it can also have such jagged, noisy things, and it immediately makes me think I can do anything. The possibilities are endless. You are completely free.”

Vile and the Violators’ interpretation of “Run Run Run” will be the fifth track of the tribute album, which also includes covers by Iggy Pop, REM’s Michael Stipe, St. Vincent, The National’s Matt Berninger and others. The album is scheduled to be released on September 24 and will be produced by the late Hal Willner, a long-term collaborator of Reed, who died of coronavirus complications in 2020.

“VU is an important part of Verve’s history, and their fearless attitude and musical integrity continue to inspire everyone on our label,” said Jamie Krents, head of Verve Records, according to Rolling Stone magazine. . “We are fortunate to work with the late Hal Willner to pay tribute to the band’s iconic first album. It is an absolute honour to have each of these artists record a Verve record, and we hope that this album will be in the record collection. Find a popular place for new and old VU fans.”

Vile’s new cover is expected to attract fans when he produces his next album. Verve says it will launch in 2022.

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