Just in time for Shark Week, a behemoth great white shark stopped on the coast of Cape May

The annual Shark Week tradition has now entered its 32nd year, drawing attention to the spectacle of the most ferocious predators in the ocean.

How did Americans become like this Fascinated by sharks at the ceremony It is a strange cultural evolution in itself, but the real value of Shark Week is that it strengthens the demand for shark education.From They pose an exaggerated danger to humans To Ecological threats facing some shark species From For human beings, one week in July each year is of great help in shaping the public’s perception and appreciation of them.

One of the world’s leading shark research organizations is Marine Research Center, A data-centric non-profit organization that leads expeditions to mark and track the movements of sharks. OCEARCH has nearly 200 scientists, and since the first expedition in 2007, more than 400 animals have been tagged, which helps to expand our understanding of their behavior and biology to promote better policies.

Over the years, OCEARCH has tracked many great white sharks that frequently appear near the Jersey Shore.The most famous of them is Mary Lee, An adult female shark, 16 feet long and weighing 3,456 pounds.Estimated to be around 50 years old, Mary Lee’s size Won her the title “The Patriarch of the Sea.”

OCEARCH lost track of Mary Lee in 2018, which seems to be because the battery on her tracker sends location information to scientists. Seems to be dead. White people usually live to around 60 years old, so Mary Lee is likely to still enjoy her old age there.

But among the many sharks crossing the Atlantic coast at the end of Mary Lee, the waters near Cape May Brittany visited on Monday, A large white male, 13 feet tall and weighs 1,437 pounds. OCEARCH recorded the ping and shared the news on social media. The non-profit organization posted various information and videos about sharks on social media this week.

Brittany has officially started going north! This 13-foot, 1,437-pound male white shark is currently near Cape May,…

Publisher Marine Research Center on Monday, July 12, 2021

Named after Cape Breton Island, the great white shark was first spotted off the coast of Nova Scotia in September last year. He is expected to travel north again, where OCEARCH leads research on the importance of the area in the Northwest Atlantic and the area around Cape Cod.

In May, OCEARCH tracked a female great white shark named Martha — about 7 feet long — off the coast of Asbury Park, all the way to the south of Boracay. In late May, another female sub-adult great white shark named Andromache was also tracked several miles off the southern coast of New Jersey, as far as Avalon in the south and Surf City in the north. Andromache is about 10 feet 8 inches long.

Shark Week will last the entire week Discovery Channel specials Until July 18th.

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