Jack Paul said he would “knock off those fake donkey teeth” from Connor McGregor’s mouth and laughed at making an offer to UFC stars for $23

Jack Paul vowed to beat Connor McGregor’s “fake butt” in his mouth because his goal was to have a showdown with the UFC poster boy.

YouTuber turned boxer has been trying to compete with Mixed martial arts Superstar for more than six months.


Jack Paul has been aiming for a fight with Connor McGregor for more than six monthsCredit: Alami
Problem children vowed to have Irish teeth knocked out


Problem children vowed to have Irish teeth knocked outImage source: [email protected]

McGregorAt 32 years old, since he was called out by a young man for the first time, he led 0-2 in the octagonal game Paul Brother, he firmly believes that he will beat the Irish.

When asked about a potential showdown with the infamous, the 24-year-old Paul said: “This may happen.

“18 months ago, I said I wanted to fight Connor, and people laughed. Now I am laughing at Connor.

“He needs Jack Paul more than I need him. I will knock off the fake donkey teeth in his mouth.

“McGregor will not have a chance.”

McGregor was widely condemned for his actions UFC 264 defeats Dustin Povalier last weekend.

Rear Break his leg, The UFC’s first world champion with two weights at the same time vowed to put Poirier to sleep and called the American’s wife Jolie “h*e”.

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Jack Paul is not stingy in eating
Jack Paul is not stingy in eating

Paul, like many others, was disgusted by the Dubliner’s behavior after his sixth career loss.

The problem child talked about Mystic Mac: “He is a bastard.

“After he lost, he sat on the ground and talked nonsense to Dustin Povalier’s wife.

“I don’t feel sad at all. I think he deserves it. I think it’s funny. I hope he uses it to take a photo and post it on Instagram.

“I just like to see McGregor plummet. He’s a shooting star, and now he’s just going downhill.

“Before I wanted to fight him, I gave him $50 million, and now my offer is $23.”

Paul will return to the game when he locks a corner with his predecessor next month UFC Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

This former Disney star has Swear that if he loses the battle, he will have the name of the chosen person tattooed on him.

At the second pre-match press conference between the two on Tuesday, Paul said: “So how about this, let us now place a new bet.

“Let’s make a new bet-if I win you, you must have’I love Jack Paul’ tattooed on you.

“But if you beat me, I will have’I love Tyronn Woodley’ tattooed on my body, and you have to post it on your Instagram.

“Success or not? Are you confident or not? This guy is not fucking confident.”

Jack Paul and Tyron Woodley bet that the loser of the boxing match will get a tattoo of “I love” and the name of the winner on them

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