Hawks player comments: K’Von Wallace Edition

In the offseason, we will look at some players who are new to the Philadelphia Eagles or have already joined the team, but we may not know them well yet. Today we take a look at the security K’Von Wallace.

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Before the start of last season, I thought Wallace, the fourth of the 10 picks in the 2020 draft by the Hawks, was a good possibility and played an important role in regular defense. If I rank the Hawks’ rookies in the order of expected rookie contribution, I will make him second only to Jalen Reago.

Facts have proved that Wallace did not play much role in regular defense, and only played a role occasionally when the Hawks missed some midfielders due to injury. Before the start of this season, Jim Schwartz tried to warn us that players like Wallace, David Taylor and Sean Bradley won’t play regularly, especially during the shortened offseason of COVID.

Schwartz said: “Lineback and safety are the two most difficult positions for players to speed up.” “This includes setting up a complete break for rookies, OTAs, mini training camps, complete preseason schedules, and preseason games. Competition schedule.”

Take a look at Wallace’s season snapshots:

week opponent Snap
1 football team 6
2 ram 0
3 Bengal tiger 1
4 49 people 27
5 Steelers 13
6 crow 0
7 Giants Inactive
8 cowboy 0
10 Giants 1
11 Browns 5
12 Seahawks 0
13 packing worker 16
14 saint 28
15 Cardinals twenty three
16 cowboy 19
17 football team 63
All 15 games, 3 starts 202

In this exercise, I looked at Wallace’s games against the 49ers, Steelers, Packers, Saints, Cardinals, Cowboys and Washington. This is what I found:

For those who like to read rather than watch videos:


Wallace did not get many goals as a rookie, so there is no large sample size to evaluate, but in general, he is good. He put the catcher in front of him and didn’t give up anything deep in the court. On the men’s defense, he can easily run at close ends and running backs, although on May 11, 205, he will abandon his considerable size in favor of some of the larger close ends in the league. .


Wallace has 21 tackles this season. In the games I watched, I think he missed tackles 3 times. This does not include what he took in the Aaron Jones 77-yard TD against the Packers. Bad angle. In the NFL, technical players are bigger, stronger, and faster, so it’s not uncommon for rookies to miss their tackle share, but this is an area that deserves attention.

In addition to the missed tackles, as shown in the video above, Wallace is used to walking low when running backs, admitting that when they fall forward, they get an extra one or two yards (or three yards).

Football IQ

Wallace was a four-year player for the Clemson team. Prior to that, he was selected as a wide receiver and defensive guard in the All-State First Team (Virginia). We pointed out some examples in the video above, but Wallace knew what he was doing. At least from the perspective of football IQ, this is not an original prospect that takes years to figure out how to play football in the NFL.


In Jonathan Gannon (Jonathan Gannon) defense, linebackers and safety guards may get more lightning opportunities than under Jim Schwartz (Jim Schwartz). The sample size here is very small, but Wallace is not as impressive as a rookie, at least in the games I watched.

Work hard

Wallace is a frequent visitor to football and football, and his hard work is outstanding.


Anthony Harris will start at one safe point and Rodney McLeod will start at another safe point as long as he recovers from a torn ACL. Wallace’s biggest competition for the third security role will be Marcus Epps and Andrew Adams.

If Wallace can’t beat such a player in his second season, it might be considered disappointing, but in my opinion, in a small sample, he has performed well enough as a rookie to play in the NFL. I Like his chance to become the third safety in 2021.

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