“East Side Mare” creator Brad Ingelsby (Brad Ingelsby) shares the challenges facing a potential second season

Tuesday is an important day for “East City Mare”, as this murder mystery show set and filmed in the western suburbs of Philadelphia won 16 Emmy nominations.

The popularity and rave reviews of the seven-episode limited series have recently sparked a lot of speculation about whether there will or should be a second season.

However, it is hoped that more fans of Kate Winslet playing detective Mare Sheehan should not hold their breath in the near future.

“East Side Mare” creator Brad Inglesby Appeared in the latest episode of “The Ryen Russillo Podcast” on Tuesday, A writer and executive producer from Berwyn, Chester County described the possibility of the second season as “a tricky one.”

“Listen, I like Mare (Sheehan) and Helen (Fahey) and Siobhan (Sheehan), just like I like these characters so much. I’m happy to do that,” Ingelsby told Russillo. “I think the trick is how you do it well, and I think the big problems I have in deciphering the story are like what happened to Marley personally.”

“I’m sure and I’m sure that we let her experience such emotional trauma in the first season, she arrived at this place, where she can face the things that have been bothering her, my worries are like you will always be able to heal Now that emotion, even close to it, if not, is it still worth doing, is there a different story worth telling,” Carol and the graduate of Archbishop Villanova continued. “So, I mean, never say forever, I don’t know what this idea is. I really want to talk about another season of “Mare” because I love her role, and the opportunity to work with Kate again will be a dream . I just wish I had this great idea.”

Although the second season of “East Side Mare” will be very popular, Inglesby offers a good point about the obstacles facing the additional storyline.

When the series ended, the audience found that Mare’s situation was much better and happier than when they met her at the beginning of the show. Her family life improved, she reconciled with her best friend Lori, she became interested in Guy Pierce’s character Richard Ryan, and she began to get emotional scars from the suicide of her late son Kevin Treat properly.

When the series ended in May, Marley’s story ended almost perfectly. Linking this appropriate conclusion to her character arc may prove challenging and problematic.

But given the success of the show, the discussion in the second season is reasonable and understandable.between “East City Mare” won 16 Emmy nominations Inglesby was awarded for outstanding writing in a limited series or anthology series or film.

Winslet is the star of “Easttown Mare” and she supports replaying the role of a detective in the suburbs of Philadelphia. The British actress said in an interview with Deadline on Tuesday that the second season is “an ongoing conversation.”

“I want to play [Mare] Once again, I absolutely believe that her story has more chapters,” Winslet Tell deadline“However, just because this story touched people does not necessarily mean that we can do it again creatively. It does not mean closing the door; we are opening the door and exploring what is behind it.”

Winslet has previously stated that she hopes to play Mare again In an interview with TVLine in MayWinslet’s performance earned her a nomination for an outstanding actress in a limited series or film.

“I think [Mare]. I really know,” Winslet told TVLine. “This is the strangest thing. I feel I am mourning. This is an absolutely wonderful role. Mare has something very addictive because she is so shameless, so cute, so smart and real, you know? I like to play her. “

“The Mare of the East” director Craig Zobel said in May that he was “very happy to see the second season” because “the mare is an amazing character.” But Zobel also said that he likes the show because it is already a miniseries.

If the second season becomes a reality, it will almost certainly be broadcast on HBO and HBO Max again. According to the BBC, Inglesby recently signed a three-year agreement with the network to develop new television projects. Hollywood Report.

In addition, if Inglesby and Winslet have new stories to promote, HBO and HBO Max Chief Content Officer Casey Blois is open to the second season.

“If Brad feels he has a story to tell, it feels at the same level, I think everyone will be open to it,” Blouss Told Variety Show last month“Now, he doesn’t have that story. Who knows? We have to wait to see if they come up with something they can’t wait to say.”

“This is the decision of Brad and Kate. I will rely on them to come to us and say,’We think there is more, and this is what it is,'” Blouss Said at a press conference in June.

All seven episodes of “East City Mare” can be played on HBO Max.

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