Britney Spears wins the right to choose her own lawyer in a regulatory case

The judge allowed Britney Spears to hire a lawyer of her choice at Wednesday’s hearing, and she burst into tears after describing her supervision as “cruel”.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny approved Spears to hire former federal prosecutor Mathew Rosengart, who called on Spears’ father to immediately resign as her protector.

Rosengart said outside the court: “We will act quickly and aggressively to deport him.” “The question still exists. Why is he involved?”

Spears attended the hearing by phone, and she told the judge that after many conversations with Rosengart, she agreed to Rosengart. Then she asked to speak in the court, but asked to clear the court.

When Rosengart started arguing for the private hearing, Spears interrupted him and said, “I can talk publicly.”

On Wednesday, Spears’ newly appointed lawyer, Matthew Rosengart, appeared outside the Stanley Mosk Court in Los Angeles. (Chris Pizarro/Associated Press)

“I want to sue my father for abuse of supervision,” she said, speaking so quickly that sometimes court reporters and dozens of media members in the court can’t understand it.

She said she hopes the supervision will end immediately, but if more “dumb” assessments are needed, not.

“If it’s not abuse, I don’t know what abuse is,” Spears said, describing the right to be denied basic things such as coffee, driver’s license and “hair vitamins” by the regulator.

She also described the long-term suffering of “serious abandonment”.

James Spears will not step down when Rosengart raises questions, his lawyer Vivin Thorin said in court, adding that he only considered his daughter’s best interests.

Since February 2008, Spears has been under court supervision, her father Jamie Spears (Jamie Spears) and a group of lawyers control her life and financial situation. (Associated Press)

Sorin said that Britney Spears has many inaccurate beliefs, including “her father is responsible for all the bad things that happen to her.”

“Whether it is misinformation, lack of correction, or misrecommendation, I don’t know,” Torrin said, emphasizing that in the past two years James Spears has no say in his daughter’s life choices, only her money.

‘I just want to return to my life’

Since February 2008, Britney Spears has been under court supervision. Her father and a group of lawyers control her life and finances. She was in a public crisis at the time, and her family sought regulators to protect her.

Spears had a court-appointed lawyer representing her interests throughout the proceedings, Samuel Ingham III, but he resigned after a dramatic hearing three weeks ago. The pop star told Petunia: “I just want to return to my life.”

Fans of the #FreeBritney movement outside the court cheered the decision to appoint Rosengart and then cheered Rosengart himself as he walked out.

Spears supporters can be seen outside the Los Angeles courthouse on Wednesday. (Mario Anzoni/Reuters)

In court, he questioned whether supervision should be implemented in 2008, and said that he and a team of lawyers from his company will pay close attention to the details of the arrangement.

The hearing on June 23 was the first time Spears gave a public speech to the court, telling Petunia that she was forced to take medication and use an intrauterine device for birth control. She said she was not allowed to marry her boyfriend and said She wants to own her own money.

In addition to Ingham’s resignation, Spears’ remarks last month also led to the withdrawal of a real estate management company that was supposed to oversee her finances. There was a series of discussions between her father and a professional protector on who was responsible for the legal situation. The accusation is said to be “insulting” and needs to be ended.

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After years of silence, Britney Spears begged the judge to end her court-appointed guardianship. The star said that this allowed her father to control almost every aspect of her life. 2:02

Supporters of Spears gathered outside the Los Angeles court where the hearing was held, just as they did at the most recent hearing. Florida Congressman Matt Gates briefly spoke to the crowd, chanting “release Britney!”

In Washington, a group of Spears supporters demonstrated on the National Mall in support of the singer.

For several years, there has been little dramatic operation of the case, although in recent years people have questioned its length and how the singer’s feelings about the proceedings started. This has led to the recent strict public review of court proceedings, which are mainly conducted in secret due to medical and private information about the singer and his condition.

Supporters of Spears gathered at a rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington on Wednesday. (José Luis Magana/Associated Press)

It also pays attention to complex lawyers and other networks involved in supervision.

At the hearing on June 23, Spears severely criticized her father, who was serving as the financial manager, and made a more severe criticism of Jodi Montgomery, who was a professional appointed by the court to be responsible. Oversee her life choices.

James Spears stated in a legal document that the court needs to investigate these allegations and Montgomery’s role, noting that since he resigned as her personal guardian in 2019, his daughter’s personal life has been beyond his control. He served in the role for 11 years. Due to recent death threats, he opposed Montgomery’s request for money from security guards, saying he had been under similar threats for years.

Montgomery denied that Britney Spears was prevented from getting married or forced to use birth control measures. She lashed out at James Spears, saying that Britney Spears did not want to expel her like her father did.

Montgomery said she is committed to continuing her work and is developing a care plan to help end supervision, and she said James Spears said she did not want to do so.

Despite working for nearly two years, Montgomery’s status is still technically temporary. Before the recent events, she seemed to be expected to be permanently appointed.

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