Artist Damien Hirst issues his own “currency”

Artist Damien Hirst issues his own “currency”


Jay Powell told lawmakers on Wednesday that if inflation spirals, the Fed is ready to intervene

Fed Chairman Jay Powell tries to ease Congress’ concerns about the Fed’s response to the surge

Inflation and the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse of Haiti last week plunged the poorest country in the Americas into deeper chaos. British artist Damien Hirst launched his NFT-based project yesterday, entitled “Currency”, questioning the concept of value and value. Value and provide options for his buyers.

Jay Powell said that if U.S. inflation gets out of control, the Fed is ready to intervene

After the death of the President of Haiti, “falling into hell” is imminent Michael Stott, editor for Latin America

Damien Hirst launched his own NFT “currency” Jan Dalley, art editor

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