The woman told the court that she did not see Linda O’Leary drinking alcohol after the shipwreck resulted in 2 deaths

A young woman said that she did not see Linda O’Leary drunk any alcohol, nor did she see anyone handing her a drink after a shipwreck that killed two people.

O’Leary-the wife of celebrity businessman Kevin O’Leary-has pleaded not guilty to charges of negligence in operating a vessel in the August 24, 2019 crash in Lake Joseph, north of Toronto, under the Canadian Shipping Act. She is in Paris, Ontario The provincial court in Germany accepted the trial.

When the fatal collision occurred, Francesca Hawkes, a friend of O’Leary’s son Trevor, was in the family cabin.

Witnesses did not see O’Leary drinking after the crash

Hawkes said that after O’Leary’s ship returned to the cabin, she helped take care of another injured passenger, but did not see O’Leary drinking anything or hear her mention alcohol.

The court learned that O’Leary was at the helm when the ship hit another ship on Lake Joseph.Kevin O’Leary, former star of CBC show Dragon’s lair, Like one of their friends, he was also on the boat.

An Ontario police officer testified on Monday that Linda O’Leary recorded blood alcohol levels in the “warning range” in a breath test shortly after the accident, but O’Leary told her that she only drank a glass and was in After the accident.

OPP constant Michelle Ingham said that O’Leary told her that she could not say how strong the glass was because it was handed to her by someone else.

The defense stated that the other ship did not light up when it was hit.

The group heard a “big noise”

Hawkes told the court on Tuesday that she and a group of people, including Trevor O’Leary, were making a fire overlooking the lake when they saw the O’Leary ship approaching and heard a “huge explosion.”

The 24-year-old woman said that she knew from her voice that another ship was hit, but did not see other ships.

She said that a few seconds later, another ship turned on the lights.

“It was completely dark, and then all the lights were on,” she testified. “Once these lights are on, you can see very clearly that it is another ship.”

O’Learys can be heard asking if anyone was injured, but Hawkes said she did not hear a response. Before long, she said that the ship was leaving slowly.

Therefore, Hawkes said she did not think there was any serious injury on the other ship. It was not until the police arrived that she said that she learned that someone had been seriously injured.

Gary Portas (left) and Suzana Brito (Suzana Brito) appear in a photo of a GoFundMe campaign for Brito’s children. Both were killed in a shipwreck in August 2019. (GoFundMe)

The crash caused 2 deaths and 3 injured

Gary Poltash, 64, from Florida, died ashore that night, while Suzana Brito, 48, from Uxbridge, Ontario, died in the hospital a few days later.

An agreed statement of facts read out in court on the first day of last month’s trial stated that the two died as a result of blunt trauma to the head or head and neck hit by a ship.

Three people were injured in the accident. The operator of another ship, Richard Lu of Orchard Park, New York, was also charged in this incident. He faces an allegation of failing to display navigation lights during the voyage.

Ruh previously told the court that he was issued a fine and paid the fine after more than a year of dispute.

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