Snacktime Philly will perform at Divine Lorraine’s new venue

The six-member brass band Snacktime Philly will perform at Divine Lorraine on Wednesday, July 21st.

The event will be held in a wide hall. New music venue in 699 N. Broad Street

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at night It will include food from Chef Natalie Maronski, who is a contestant for the 16th season of “Top Chef”. Maronsky recently launched Underground concept. With DJ DEL (Robert Del Fimina).

Described as”A well-planned intersection of food, music and culture, “underground concept. Including different places in the sacred Lorraine.”

coffee shop daily. Opened in 2020, followed by a spacious lobby. Seasonal dining experiences, weekly DJ parties, art exhibitions, community events and other pop-up shops. It also has its own kitchen and mobile bar.

According to the underground concept, the annex building is an all-day restaurant/bar with retail stores and is expected to open in the fall of 2021. website.

Tickets Snack Time Philadelphia event Can be purchased onlineIn addition to the band’s performance and Maronski’s food, there will also be drinks and DJ performances.

Enjoy a Philadelphia snack in the wide lobby.

Wednesday, July 21
7-10pm | 30 USD per person
The wide hall.Hotel in Sacred Lorraine
699 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19122

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