Saskatchewan musician Tesher and Jason Derulo team up to release the “Bollywood Hollywood duo” music video

As early as March, Hitesh Sharma, whose stage name is Tesher, was sitting in his parents’ basement, tracking the amazing success of his two songs online.

Four months later, Sharma, a 25-year-old South Asian Canadian rapper, producer and musician, returned to the basement in Regina, Saskatchewan, to watch a music video released by him in collaboration with American R&B artist Jason Derulo.

This song is Sharma’s own Baby jalebi, This is an international hit.

The self-styled “Bollywood Hollywood duo” even performed this song Live on NBC’s Today Show July 7th marked the first live TV show of Sharma.

“To be honest, I like this part of my career, the music video with Jason Derulo, the top 40 records. But I was in the basement of Regina, and my mother was like she had breakfast before. Go to work,” Sharma said.

These are the moments he said he will remember forever. “When I got my first breakthrough record, I was at home with my whole family and they were always supporting me.”

Sharma received international recognition for the first time in 2020, when his mixing Old Town Road Through Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus, and Ramda Georgi From Bollywood movies language, Popular on TikTok.

Soon after, his song Young Shah Rukh Also became popular.

Watch | Saskatchewan rapper Tesher breaks down his hit song Young Shahrukh:

Hitesh Sharma, whose stage name is Tesher, likes to blend traditional South Asian songs and influences with hip-hop beats. 2:17

Sharma released his second single Baby jalebi At the end of 2020. In this song, he raps and sings in English and Punjabi.

It started to appear on social media applications such as Shazam, Instagram Reels, and TikTok in many countries, including Turkey, Egypt, and Algeria. Then the song spread to Europe.

Once the song rang in Germany, the record company started calling.

Sharma said: “I think they saw that if the record can work there, then it can work anywhere.” “The whole world is watching.”

In late March, Derulo heard the song on Shazam and contacted Sharma.Make a call Baby jalebi A song he had never heard before, and he asked to participate in it.

Sharma said: “I think he is a little bit concerned about the streets, looking at international hot topics.” “And Baby jalebi Ranked first in many Shazam countries. “

Derulo and Tesher performed live on NBC’s Today Show on July 7. (Nick Anderson)

Bringing Jalebi Baby to the mainstream

In a truly popular style, the two musicians began to collaborate on Zoom-Sharma in his Regina basement, and Derulo in his home studio in Los Angeles.

A new version of the song with the vocals of Drewlow was released in May.

After COVID-19 cases began to decrease in late May, Sharma traveled to California to meet with Drewlow and shoot a music video.

“This is destined to happen because I don’t even know if I can achieve the vision in my heart without Jason Derulo joining,” he said.

“Because of his presence, there are dancing and lighting on the set. It is so beautiful and complicated.”

The director of the video, Gil Green, is a star himself and has filmed multiple videos for Drewlow and other artists (including DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, and Drake). Sharma says he has admired for many years he.

Tesher said that it is important for him to include as many South Asian performers as possible in the Jalebi Baby music video. (Mark Cortez)

He described his time with Derulo in Los Angeles as a crash course in today’s popular music industry-from auditioning dancers to managing social media, rehearsing and arranging interviews with international news media.

“A lot of people think it’s like,’Well, you did it. You have a great record and now you are just a superstar. Absolutely not. This is when the work started.”

This usually means long hours of work and exhaustion, but Sharma says he will not change anything because all these jobs have helped him realize his dreams Baby jalebi.

When he saw the first shot of the music video, Sharma said it was exactly what he had imagined. Watching his dream come true before his eyes is an “emotional experience.”

His moment of despair

When Baby jalebi For the first time it exploded on a global scale, Sharma received a large number of offers.

But he did not accept the first problem he encountered—he had bigger ideas.

“I thought,’Well, if we have reached this point, we might as well try to fight for gold. Let’s push for mainstream broadcasting.'”

The key is to stick to this goal and have patience and the right people, “I can do this.”

Sharma hopes that this early success will inspire other South Asian artists to keep open choices and chase huge opportunities.

Tesher hopes that Jalebi Baby will continue to be a big success and inspire other South Asian artists to create music, which is similar to what happened in the Latin music world after Justin Bieber’s Despacito remix of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee became popular. (Jalebi Baby music video)

He thinks that his collaboration with Drewlow is similar to a big hit slowly, Justin Bieber’s mix of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee songs.

“I hope this is like this slowly Moment,” the song continues to be a huge success and inspires others to make music.

The same thing happened after the Latin music industry slowly, He reasoned.

“Then why isn’t it South Asian music?”

Enjoy time at home

Back in Regina, relatives, old principals and teachers, friends and community members kept calling the Sharma family.

The young artist is enjoying this time home with his family. He knew that his life was about to change to a faster pace. Sharma said that in the next few years, he will live in a suitcase according to his artistic direction.

But he said Regina had let him down.

“Because this is home. I like to be at home. I think it is very good for my mental health.”

Sharma grew up in Bollywood music, his career was inspired by these songs and movies, and even made a Bollywood-style poster for Jalebi Baby. (Forstrands)

All these calls are made to Sharma’s house? They are proud and happy for this Saskatchewan boy to do his best to achieve his goal. Sharma said that people in Saskatchewan are very loyal to their people.

“Why people in Saskatchewan are proud to be able to do crazy and extraordinary things outside the province, because this province feels like a community.”

Because he often felt that his journey was a separate task, Sharma did not take the support from his hometown for granted.

“From Regina to the world, baby!”

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