Police say taser and beanbag guns are needed to stop men involved in the knife attack in Vancouver

Vancouver police said an incident started when a man attacked another man with a sword, and the two were treated in the hospital for life-threatening injuries.

A police statement said the police responded to a report on Monday that a man attacked another man outside an apartment building in Vancouver with a sword.

Police said the 29-year-old suspect jumped in front of a car when the police arrived, smashed the window and continued to run in the traffic.

He was eventually taken into custody after the police shot with a beanbag gun and a taser.

The police said the suspect was seriously injured in the initial battle with the 59-year-old victim. The two knew each other and both were receiving treatment in the hospital.

They said that the independent office responsible for reviewing all police injuries and deaths has also been notified, but will not conduct investigations.

“Our police officer believes that the suspect committed a violent attack and tried to hurt himself,” Sergeant Steve Addison said in the statement.

No allegations have been made.

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