NBA trade rumor: The Kings and Raptors are listed as other teams interested in Ben Simmons

Today is the rumored day of Ben Simmons’s trade, that is, one day in July 2021. It ends with a y, and the long-term NBA insider Marc Stein adds fuel to the fire. His latest newsletter.

Stein, he was working with New York Times, There is a lot to say about market dynamics and Philadelphia’s current status. Located in this piece is the list of suitors:

Many teams want him. The natural question is: Will any one of them make an offer that Philadelphia and the president of basketball operations Darryl Morey find palatable? The draft picks can only help Morey so much.

Simmons’ contract duration, if it were not in U.S. dollars, would only increase his appeal to teams that normally don’t attract free agents. He has four seasons remaining on his contract and is valued at close to $150 million-and in most cases, the control of the team brought by this state will definitely exceed that of any team that may have over Simmons’ agent, Rich. Paul exerted pressure to dissuade them from their worries. Pursue him.

Just browse the teams already involved in the Simmons trade: Cleveland, Indiana, Minnesota and Sacramento are all well-known suitors. It is said that Toronto has also expressed interest. More will appear. [Marc Stein]

We have discussed a few of these suitors in this field.Malcolm Brogdon’s name is Topics in the mail bag And the downed deal reported elsewhere, the Timberwolves Discussed last week,and many more. So far, we have not touched the Kings, and Toronto is a curve ball worth entering, so let’s touch these scenes in the form of quick shots.

Since we only discussed a few small details of the Cavaliers before, let’s include them in a quick roundup of names/destinations and the advantages of each.


As they have to make imminent decisions in the young backcourt, Cleveland will now be primarily embroiled in any/all trading rumors. Colin Sexton was the first person to approach a potential payday, and there were reports that they were willing to trade him at the right price because they tried to return to the playoffs after LeBron.

Personally, I think Sexton and teammate Darius Garland are both excellent young players. Garland absolutely killed a lot of people in the final stages of the season, and Sexton played for Cleveland every year, improving his overall efficiency and organizational ability, while taking on a greater burden of scorers. I just doubt how quickly this can be transformed into a team that hopes to win and is centered on Joel Embiid.

I am not sure if these two people are good enough to be the highlight of the Simmons package. If you can combine Garland’s excellent ball-handling ability and excellent organization ability with Sexton’s scoring ability, it will be the ideal choice for the lineup they join. But I don’t think you can wait to see if Garland can reach a higher level as a scorer, or if Sexton can create as many shots as possible for his teammates.

Perhaps you can say that Sexton is on the verge of a real breakthrough under the right circumstances-a 22-year-old guard averaging 24 points per game with rock-solid efficiency is not to be underestimated. But considering the organizational differences between Simmons and Sexton and how the size difference will affect Philadelphia’s rebounding and defense, a package centered on Sexton will be an adventure for Philadelphia. I’m not sure if I will buy Sexton to come in and find someone easier to find for Embiid, because it means there is another person who can score to take the ball from him. This may be a team that needs to take another action to get where they need to go.

There is also the problem of salary matching, which will make the selection of Kevin Love a critical condition for this job. If you want, you can make it positive-a dynamic Love will let you shoot from the bench and have some versatility in the frontcourt, depending on how other people on your roster fill up, he can Give Embiid another exit to share in their minutes. But he is also a fairly uninspired defender, is constantly at risk of injury, and has made a fortune in a position where the 76ers already have a lot of resources.


Sacramento is a team that we heard has a very different background from the 76ers throughout the offseason. Seen as a potential dumping ground for Al Horford’s contract, many 76ers fans hope it is possible to acquire Buddy Hild.

I like Hilde a lot, but the Simmons trading plan centered on Hilde is not even worth discussing at the end of the Philadelphia team. The biggest prize is undoubtedly the 23-year-old guard De Aaron Fox, and it seems unlikely that the Kings want to trade Simmons to return their best players to Philadelphia and hinder their ability to make the playoffs.

Let us assume that for the sake of argument, they will include Fox. Fox is a very good young player-he just finished a season, he averaged 25.2 points and 7.2 assists per game, assist-to-turnover ratio is more than 2 to 1, he did this in the pressure cooker of the Western Conference. Fox is one of the few players in the league who can challenge or even defeat Simmons in the open. The 76ers can maintain a healthy transitional offense while gaining a more enthusiastic half-court attacker in the process.

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Fox’s deal will Test the 76ers only need one willing Shoot instead of being a good and capable shooter. Except for an unusual season in his sophomore year, Fox’s outside shooters in Sacramento have been below average. Last year he averaged 5.5 shots per game and shot 32.2%. His mid-range jumper ability makes him a completely different player from Simmons—Fox shot over 48% from 10-16 feet last season and is very willing to shoot—but you really want to make the leap. Instead of getting ready-made external threats.

Last season, Fox’s efficiency has improved in almost all areas within the three-point line. He is one of the leaders in the league in averaging breakthroughs. At the same time, the speed at the basket is equal to or better than that of various talented peers. With the help of Joel Embiid’s attention, will this hold up in Philadelphia, or will the presence of big men inside and outside force him to reconfigure his game to some extent?

In any case, I don’t think the Fox trade is happening, but if you are the 76ers, that’s where you have to aim.


Toronto’s interest is not a huge shock-Marseille Ujiri is smart enough to find cheap buying opportunities anywhere in the market-but I don’t know whether the 76ers will reach the Raptors. What kind of transaction has no obvious shortcomings.

Kyle Lowry’s signing first and then changing is the first place many people think of. Although such an agreement will bring about the complexity of the salary cap, let us put it aside. As a Philadelphia half-court offensive player, Lowry will definitely offer something different, and he will greatly shorten Philadelphia’s winning window on this team. This is basically the complete opposite of the Cavaliers situation. If the 76ers win one or two legal championship titles because of this trade, you might say that it’s worth it just for the opportunity, but that’s far from certain, because they have Eastern Conference obstacles in front of them, if at that time You are not making money here, and some abnormal development on your bench (such as Tyrese Maxey’s star change) is necessary in order to expand the championship window for the next few years of Embiid’s golden age from 2023.

Maybe the 76ers think Embiid’s health is a time bomb, so much that they are willing to make this trade-off, but if they do (and the signs I get are zero), they will take time for granted in the first place. And energy to move the main part around him. Trying to get Lowry before the deadline is the right move. It is an additional move to help Simmons and Embiid and bring them closer to the real competition, but changing Simmons to Lowry will create a series of different problems. Need to consider.

Apart from Lowry, I’m not sure who can push the 76ers forward in a meaningful way. Pascal Siakam’s name has surfaced in one or two trade rumors in the past year, but in the absence of Simmons, he did not provide what they needed and served as a potential three-team deal. Bargaining chips, he may be more valuable. Fred Van Vleet is a high-volume shooter with the ability to organize offense, but I don’t know anyone who sees him as the main initiator of the real playoff threat. Toronto has other players of considerable value. The most prominent is OG Anunoby. He is a defensive genius. He has made considerable progress as a shooter and took a step forward as a starter last season, but As a player, he fell into Siakam’s camp for larger trades or subsequent trades to effectively improve the lineup. And I’m not sure he can play right from the start-Toronto invested heavily in him last offseason.

All of these teams emphasized some of the things we discussed in the rumors about Simmons this summer-it is difficult to find the best position that sounds satisfactory to both teams and perfect it in a useful way Philadelphia’s lineup. Lacking one of the big fish on the market (Damian Lillard or Bradley Beal) demanding and wanting to come to Philadelphia, the 76ers are currently staring at a market full of imperfect offers and partners. Can Daryl Morey find the right suitor?

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