Love Island 2021 News-Brad and Lucinda are shocked because couples must choose who gets dumped despite dating

When Brad and Lucinda found themselves facing the exit of the villa, the fans of Love Island changed dramatically.

The couple enjoyed a wonderful date and announced earlier on Tuesday that they have feelings for each other.

But the viewers at home think that this pair of partners is the most incompatible and is in danger of quitting the show.

However, in the typical Love island Fashion, there is another twist-a fan will have to wait until Wednesday-as Brad with Lucinda Now it must be decided between the two of them who will go home.

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  • Is it time to use chloride ions?

    Fans think Lucinda and Brad should kick Toby and Chloe out of the island.

    We can’t figure out why…

  • Millie Cookies

    Liam was licking something his hot nurse was serving in her nurse uniform.

    The hiding place is heaven to him, can’t you stop smiling when you see him?

  • The date is not so good

    Lucinda’s date with Brad did not completely disappoint the fans.

    Some people even think this is snooze.

    Even their date cannot prevent them from entering the bottom three.


  • What did we miss

    Fans think they can see something between the friendship couple Kaz and Aaron.

    Well, when he put his arms around her waist by the fire pit, he seemed very sensitive to her.

  • Twisting and shouting

    Fans are angry at being left on the edge of the cliff and wondering which couple will leave the show.

    They shared their memes on Twitter.

  • Shock

    Fans cannot overcome the fact that they have to choose between the people they want to abandon.

    “Between them????? My God, this is a turning point”

  • Cliff hanger

    Had to wait until tomorrow, until Lucinda and Brad told us who was abandoned from the island, the fans were not impressed.

    How distorted. What a night!

  • twist

    Did you see her face when Lucinda found out that they had to choose whom to vote for?

    She looked like she wanted to cry.

  • The fate of FAYE

    Like Faye’s situation-save the public with Teddy.

    Woo woo.

  • Lucky freedom

    Liberty and Jake seemed to know they would be fine.

    Do you see how relaxed they are?

    On the other hand, Kaz and Aaron looked completely shocked.

    Or totally grateful.

    Now is the details. Who is in danger?

  • Saved

    Millie and Liam looked as shocked as we were about to be saved.

    However, hiding places will help.

  • Dejected

    When Brad and Lucinda announced that they had received the text message, did you see their panicked expressions?

  • time up

    Do you see the intimate interaction between men? So they are not.

    Think that if one of them must leave, they will miss each other more than the girl!

  • Capture the feeling

    Have you seen Lucinda exaggerating Brad’s “chat” with him?

    It sounds like they were born for each other…

  • Katz attack

    Have you seen the optimistic young lady Kaz trying to match Shaz and Hugo?

    Well, doubtful.

  • Ouch!

    Have you heard that Hugo put Shaz in the friends area when talking to Kaz?

  • amble?

    Brad wants to put his small town Amber on the map.

    I mean, how many times can he say a word?

    The Tourist Office would be very grateful.

  • Brad lad

    Fans are already happy about Brad and Lucinda’s first date.

    One tweet: “Is Brad going to burst the bottle to seduce us? What is the producer doing?”

  • Real wild show

    Good Lucinda. We are not at Old Macdonald’s farm.

    Can we add something to the meeting?

    When she heard that she was going to date Brad, you would see her screaming.

    They better improve their tuning skills!what

  • Hugh knows

    Did you see Sharon really smiling when she was talking about Hugo with Katz?

    Someone caught the feeling…

  • Squeeze it out of LIAM

    Be sure to like the highlights of Liam in Xanadu.

    He told the boys about the magic night he spent with the hot nurse Millie. He said: “I couldn’t fart last night.”

  • Are they or are they not?

    Who cares-did you see Sharon stroking Hugo’s back on the bed?


  • Night nurse

    Have you seen Liam and his sexy nurse Millie smiling in her costume?

    They may appear in modern portable movies.

  • Sexy time

    Fans call it. Tonight may be night.

  • Liam’s Pants

    that’s it.

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