In a letter to Trump, former US lawyer Maxwin sought to support the Pennsylvania governor’s campaign

The Republican candidate for the governor of Pennsylvania is vying for the support of former President Donald Trump. The list now includes former U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, William Maxwin, who claimed in a letter to Trump that his efforts to seek allegations of voter fraud in the November presidential election were frustrated.

The former U.S. Marine Corps and Maxwin appointed by Trump, Resign in January Before Joe Biden transitioned to the presidency. He was originally expected to run for office, but his candidacy for governor was not confirmed until the letter to Trump on June 9 was published on Monday night.

In the letter, Maxwin cited his record Oppose Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner said that during his tenure, his office charged two Democratically elected officials WHO Filled ballot boxes for bribery, Crimes that occurred during the Philadelphia primary elections in the past.

But in seeking Trump’s support for his upcoming campaign, Maxwin catered to Trump’s false belief that he lost the election due to voter fraud, claiming that Maxwin was told not to disclose the voter fraud and violations. Reporting of behavior. He accused former US Attorney General Bill Barr of letting him down.From letter, Via the Washington Post:

On election day and after, our office received various allegations of voter fraud and election irregularities. As part of the duties of the U.S. prosecutor, I want to be transparent to the public. Of course, I want to fully investigate any allegations. However, Attorney General Barr instructed me not to make any public statements or release any press releases regarding possible election irregularities. I was also instructed to forward serious allegations to the state attorney general for investigation-the same state attorney general has declared that you cannot win.

I disagree with that decision, but it is my order. As a Marine Corps infantry officer, I was trained to follow the command system and respect the orders of superiors, even if I disagree with them.

Barr Out of Trump’s The widespread debunking of allegations of 2020 election fraud in early December dealt a major blow to the former president and his legal team as they prepared lawsuits in several states, including Pennsylvania. These efforts were eventually found to be groundless, because courts across the country rejected Trump’s legal challenge.

The unsubstantiated fraud allegations later helped fuel the congressional riots on January 6, but they remained a topic of the Republican Party—obviously, this was a way for Maxwin to support Trump.

In the interview Washington post On Tuesday, Barr denied that he had instructed Maxwin not to pursue allegations of voter fraud.

“Any suggestion to get Maxwin out of the investigation of allegations of election fraud is wrong. It is wrong,” Barr said.

The former attorney general added that he believes Maxwin’s counter-proposal was to “appease” Trump. According to reports, Barr said he called Maxwin to dispute the description of him in the letter and was told that the letter was technically correct. If Maxwin wants to run successfully, he “cannot let Tron Pu attacked me”.

Barr did say that he recalled an incident concerning the allegations of violations of the Delaware County elections, which was handled by a senior official of the Department of Justice. Barr said that Maxwin was not told to withdraw, and these violations have never turned into provable and actionable fraud.

Maxwin disputed this in an interview with the Washington Post, claiming that he had spoken directly to Barr, and that the former attorney general may have mistaken his memory, or did not involve the passing of election fraud allegations received by Maxwin to Pennsylvania. Details of the prosecutor’s instructions, General Josh Shapiro. Shapiro has been outspoken in the 2020 election and its aftermath, opposing the baseless Pennsylvania voter fraud accusations that the Republican Party frequently appeared on TV on CNN. He is expected to run for governor next year.

Maxwin now joins the ranks of Republicans, and they hope Trump’s support will allow them to gain a place in the competition.State Senator Doug Mastriano, representing Franklin County, made headlines this month for taking the lead Call for a “stop theft” 2020 election audit in Pennsylvania, Similar to the criticized process underway in Arizona.

The same goes for Trump’s ally and former Congressman Lou Barletta Echoing the former president As he prepared to run for governor of Pennsylvania, he discussed issues related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Governor Tom Wolfe and Attorney General Shapiro both rejected Mastroano’s efforts to promote election audits and vowed to challenge what they call a waste of time and taxpayers’ money.

Shapiro attending President Biden’s speech About voting rights In Philadelphia on Tuesday, the president cited in his tweet the endless and unfounded claims that Republicans continued to make about voter fraud. The President called this statement a “big lie” aimed at weakening democratic rights.

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