Biden’s speech live today-Joe reports at the National Constitution Center that the Democratic Party “wants to monitor text messages”

President Joe Biden will deliver a highly anticipated speech on voting rights on Tuesday, July 13, 2021.

These remarks are based on the former president Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign Alleged that the November presidential election was stolen.

Biden Jen Psaki said he will use his remarks in Philadelphia to “show to the American people that this is a basic right.”

Before the speech, there were reports that some White House allies and the Democratic National Committee wanted wireless operators to monitor phone calls and social media messages to find suspected misinformation about Covid vaccine promotion.

according to political, The White House is: planning to work more actively with fact-checkers and with SMS [Short Message Service] Carrier to eliminate misinformation about vaccines”.

White House spokesperson Kevin Munoz told the media in response to the report: “We are firmly committed to keeping politics away from efforts to vaccinate every American so that we can save lives and help us. The economy is recovering further.”

“When we see efforts to deliberately disseminate misinformation, we think it is a hindrance to the public health of the country, and we will not avoid speaking out.

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  • Olivio Rodrigo meets Biden

    The White House announced in a statement today that pop star Olivia Rodrigo will meet with Biden on Wednesday.

    The young singer will meet with the president and Dr. Anthony Fauci to record a series of videos promoting vaccines.

    She will post the video to her own social media account.

  • Biden’s “Thirst Trap”

    Before giving a speech on voting rights, Biden posted a young photo of himself to encourage young people to get vaccinated.

    Instagram users joked that the 78-year-old president is using the “thirst trap” to promote vaccines.

    “I know this young man will be vaccinated, but we must also protect other young people. Who wants to help?” he wrote.

  • ‘Election manipulation’

    Biden will speak after former President Donald Trump has questioned the “manipulation” of the 2020 presidential election for months.

    Trump’s baseless claim that the election was “stolen” by the Democrats led his allies to impose stricter voting restrictions in their states.

  • Biden commented on voting rights

    President Joe Biden will speak at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia today.

    In the tension between Republicans and Democrats trying to introduce new voting laws in Republican-led states, he will speak on the protection of voting rights.

    Biden is expected to speak at 2:50 pm Eastern Time.

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