Anthony Bourdain’s friend was “scared” to do Roadrunner doc after committing suicide, and learned how to cook and start treatment 8 weeks before his death

Friends of ANTHONY Bourdain were “fear” to be interviewed by Dr. Roadrunner after his suicide, and learned that the chef only started receiving treatment eight weeks before his death.

The filmmaker Morgan Neville talked to the person closest to the famous chef and tried to “understand his suicide” in the documentary “Roadwalker: A Movie About Anthony Bourdon”.


According to reports, people close to Bourdain are afraid of being interviewed by doctorsCredit: Splash
Roadrunner will be in theaters on Friday


Roadrunner will be in theaters on FridayCredit: Focus function

Neville Tell Vanity Fair When he made this movie, In theaters on friday, Bourdain’s friends and family agreed to be cruelly honest, just as the Parts Unknown star wanted them to talk about his life.

“I don’t think anyone is looking forward to an interview,” Neville said.

“Tony always believes in a cruel honesty about things. The last thing Tony wants is that people sit down and just say good things about him, clichés.

“So I think a lot of people think,’I will do this. I will put it all there, but I don’t want to do it anymore.'”

Friends interviewed by the documentary said that they noticed that the famous chef changed after his second marriage with mixed martial artist Ottavia Busia in 2016.

Treatment “very late”

They described Bordain as more restless and almost addicted to his work.

During the production of the documentary, Neville learned that Boldan had started treatment in March 2018, about eight weeks ago He died on June 8.

Neville said: “It shows that he understands that he needs it, but he got it very late.”

The chef apparently often jokes about suicide, and even wrote in his 2010 book “The Middle School Student” that he felt suicidal after his first marriage.

Neville was able to interview Bourdain’s brother Chris, ex-wife Busia, and friends and chef partners David Chang and Éric Ripert.

Life addiction

In the interview, Neville said that he learned about many complex issues that plagued the famous chef, including his past drug addiction that he never sought treatment.

Neville said: “I think what makes him unhappy is that he has been avoiding deeper problems for a long time.”

“As we said in the movie, how many heroin addicts just stop using them without detoxification and continue to drink?

“It’s like you’re covering up the real problem. Tony uses his work addiction and his sense of motivation to cover up the problem.”

Some of Bourdain’s friends suspected that after he married Busia, his addictive nature also led to his romance with the Italian actress Asia Argento, where he tried to become a “father in his 50s” but failed.

“In the film, Alison [Mosshart] Say he is looking for something crazy,” Neville said of the relationship.

“He tried to be a father in the 1950s, but it didn’t work. He kind of went back to the old way.

“I won’t put this in Asia… At the end of his life, the leather jacket came back, and he started drinking again and smoking again. Just like old Tony.”

Roadrunner will be shown in theaters on July 16, and will also be shown on CNN and HBO Max.

Film producer Morgan Neville talks about the process of understanding Bourdain


Film producer Morgan Neville talks about the process of understanding BourdainCredit: Getty
The famous chef committed suicide in June 2018


The famous chef committed suicide in June 2018Credit: Splash

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