Trump said Biden “must come forward” to Cuba and mocked Obama’s friendship with Castro because he “100%” supports the protesters

Former President Donald Trump issued a statement stating that President Joe Biden needs to “stand up” against the Cuban government.

Protests-some of them violent-broke out People protesting across Cuba Economic crisis, shortages and sanctions.


Trump calls on Biden to “stand up” against the Cuban governmentCredit: Agence France-Presse

What did Trump say?

In the statement, Trump targeted Biden and former President Obama.

“Cuba and Miami are erupting massive demonstrations to protest against the Cuban Communist government (although today there are zero protesters in Cuba-you know what that means!),” Trump wrote.

“Don’t forget that Biden and the Democrats have to reverse my tough stance on Cuba.

“Remember when Obama and Castro participated in a baseball game together, they imprisoned, beat and killed the Cuban people. In the Cuban people’s struggle for freedom, I supported them 100%.

“The government must let them speak and be free! Joe Biden must stand up against the communist regime, otherwise history will remember. The Cuban people deserve freedom and human rights! They are not afraid!”

What did Biden say?

Biden said on Monday that the United States and the Cuban people “stand together.”

“The Cuban people bravely defend basic and universal rights. These rights, including the right to protest peacefully and the right to freely determine their own future, must be respected,” Biden said in a statement.

“The United States calls on the Cuban regime to listen to their people and meet their needs at this critical moment, instead of making themselves rich,” Biden continued.

Later, the president added that Cuba “has never seen such a protest in a very, very long time, frankly”.

“The United States firmly supports the Cuban people because they claim their universal rights. We call on the Cuban government not to use violence to try to suppress the voice of the Cuban people,” he said.

Why did the Cuban people protest?

The government mainly blamed the pandemic and U.S. sanctions for the earthquake plummet, which can be traced back to the Cold War.

At the same time, the protesters called for a change in the system and demanded that the Cuban president step down.

The sanctions imposed by the government to fight the pandemic have shut down tourism and slowed the flow of other foreign income in a country that relies on them to import most of their food and fuel.

In order to fight the epidemic, Cuba has started a large-scale vaccination campaign. To date, 1.7 million of its 11.2 million residents have been vaccinated, and twice as many have received the vaccine at least once in the course of three doses. .

However, the arrival of the company Delta variant As a result of the surge in cases, health authorities reported a record 6,923 cases and 47 deaths on July 11, twice the number of the previous week.

According to local reports, when people shouted “Down with the dictatorship” and violently attacked the police, this grim milestone seemed to be the last straw.

Biden called the United States and the Cuban people


Biden called the United States and the Cuban people “stand firmly together”Credit: Agence France-Presse
Protests broke out this week and people demanded that the Cuban president step down


Protests broke out this week and people demanded that the Cuban president step downCredit: Agence France-Presse

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