This is what Quebec can learn from other regions through the vaccination passport system

Quebec may soon establish a vaccine passport system to keep people who are not fully vaccinated away from bars, gyms and festivals, but there are still many questions about how to implement and implement it, and whether it is necessary.

Health Minister Christian Dubé announced on Thursday that the vaccine passport will only be used if the province is hit by the fourth wave of COVID-19 cases.

This system is intended to replace generalized lock-in restrictions. Vaccine passports will not shut down certain economic sectors, but will restrict places where people who have not been fully vaccinated can go.

Other than that, there are few details, and Ethical issues are being raised. Viewing other jurisdictions that use similar systems can inform Quebecers about the purpose and purpose of passports.

In Manitoba, the authorities have been issuing immunization certificates to fully vaccinated residents. This allows people to skip quarantine after returning from travel in Canada and grant them more visits to hospitals and long-term care homes.

Arthur Schaefer, founding director of the Center for Professional and Applied Ethics at the University of Winnipeg and Manitoba, said: “You can think of it as a plastic card with a barcode.”

“So this is important because it means that people who don’t have a smartphone or don’t have an internet connection and can’t go online can still prove that they have been vaccinated.”

Manitoba encountered some obstacles during its launch. International students were unable to obtain cards, and its human rights committee received a call regarding ethical issues. (John Woods/Canada Press)

But Manitoba encountered some obstacles in launching, International students cannot access the card Its human rights committee was overwhelmed by calls expressing moral concerns.

Quebec’s human rights monitoring agency Ligue des droits et libertés is also concerned about the impact of the system on the rights and freedoms of Quebecers. In a statement on Friday, it called for a public consultation in which the National Assembly and civil society will participate.

At the same time, the Montreal Chamber of Commerce called on the government to allow Quebec to use immunization certificates as soon as possible, taking Israel and Denmark as inspiration.

Michel Leblanc, chairman and chief executive of the Montreal Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, said in a statement on Friday: “We have especially considered restaurants, bars and cultural institutions, which are still not operating at full capacity.”

He pointed out that these two countries only implemented the pass when the proportion of the population vaccinated twice was significantly lower than Quebec’s current proportion (42% as of Friday).

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu holds a “green pass” for citizens who have been vaccinated against COVID-19. Since the rules are similar to those proposed by Quebec, the system was retired after a surge in vaccination and a low number of COVID-19 cases. (Associated Press/Avigail Uzi)

Israel was the first country to enter and exit the vaccination passport game. It issued a “green pass” in February, with rules similar to those proposed by Quebec.

Restaurants, hotels, gyms, theaters and other places are forbidden for non-pass holders to enter, but due to a significant increase in the number of vaccinations within a few months, as of June 1, more than 9 million residents of the state have cancelled green passes. Initially scheduled to be maintained for six months.

Jovana Stojanovic of the Concordia University Health Department in Montreal said that the Israeli system seems to have worked, but she urged Quebec and other jurisdictions to “not treat it as a specific problem”. [example] In isolation. ”

Stojanovic said that much depends on the response of those who are hesitant to the vaccine, citing some of the backlash against the plan to pass a similar vaccine earlier this year in the UK.

But given the way in which vaccination rates have risen, the system is likely to work well in Quebec, if it is even needed, she said.

Figure out law enforcement, the doctor said

For experts and companies, Quebec needs to know who will implement the rules to make the system run smoothly.

For example, New York is the first state in the United States to introduce a digital vaccination certificate or negative test system called Excelsior Pass. However, although large-scale events such as concerts in Madison Square Garden require vaccination certificates, most of the disaster-stricken companies that are eager to return to normal do not require vaccination certificates.

Kim Lavoie, head of the Department of Behavioral Medicine at the University of Quebec in Montreal, is concerned about a similar situation. He told Radio Canada All morning On Friday, she saw “the big problem between those who want to enter and the owners who have to refuse them.” She asked Quebec to provide better guidelines on who will implement the vaccine policy.

Some organizations and companies in Canada and the United States have implemented their own, including some University and college campuses.

For Schafer of Manitoba, increasing alternatives to vaccination-such as Calgary Stampede, allowing people to undergo rapid testing or provide proof of vaccination -It is a way to avoid some human rights complaints, and Quebec is firm in what it intends to do in September.

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