The delivery driver includes “Dorito dust removal finger” in the order photo after eating the customer’s food – The Sun

It was a lively moment when a daser was allegedly caught on the spot with a customer’s Taco Bell order.

When Katelyn Haun opened her order, she noticed something was wrong.


Captured on the spot: a doorknob was broken, orange residue on fingersImage source: TikTok/katelyn8560
Caitlin said the lack of meals


Caitlin said the lack of meals “has been happening all the time”Image source: TikTok/katelyn8560

In the TikTok video released on Saturday, @katelyn8560 said that the food was delivered to her door in a broken bag, and didn’t think too much about it because “something happened.”

As she browsed her family’s order, she realized that her own food, a Doritos Locos Taco, was missing, and she said it “has happened all the time.”

“I’m not really worried, but I will continue to give me refunds, let’s call it a day,” she said.

After a while, she found a photo of the DoorDasher delivery driver getting off the bus on her mobile phone, and after careful inspection, she found a strange orange residue on the driver’s fingers.

“You guys! Tell me, this woman doesn’t have much power and powder on her fingers,” she said.

“Tell me, you guys! Tell me this woman doesn’t eat my tacos now.”

Although Caitlin was unable to confirm her claims, this did not prevent TikTok users from commenting on the video.

“Please let her be fired so that our honest sprinters can get more jobs,” one of them wrote.

“As a sprinter, the seal should never be broken. That is its purpose, so you know that no one will mess up your food,” another said.

One person said that a sprinter ate a sandwich in the car in front of their house, then marked it as delivered and drove away.

Caitlin claims that she has evidence that the delivery driver ate her meal


Caitlin claims that she has evidence that the delivery driver ate her meal
Katelyn Haun's TikTok profile picture


Katelyn Haun’s TikTok profile pictureImage source: TikTok/katelyn8560

TikTok now has 672,000 views and @katelyn8560 assures everyone that DoorDasher is rewarded 30%.

Caitlin even hit back at the suggestion that the video was “tampered” and added that she hoped she “must make something like this.”

DoorDash and Taco Bell have been contacted for comments.

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