Love Island 2021 LIVE-Rachel dumped from the villa after the new boy Teddy chose Faye

After Teddy and Fei joined forces, Rachel of Love Island was thrown out of the villa tonight.

In the recent recombination, the power is in the hands of the new boy, who is shocked by Faye’s self-confidence.

The girls hurriedly comforted Rachel. Her trip to Love Island only lasted a week, and they burst into tears.

Faye said that the decision was bittersweet because she said goodbye to her friend but hello to her new man.

After the reunion, she and Teddy were close to each other, and the first chat was far from convincing.

Teddy began to take a deep breath, prompting Fay to jokingly ask her if she should leave.

Of course, senior financial advisors are not afraid to step on people’s toes.

He had to speed up dating Sharon, Faye Wong, Rachel and Katz -Everyone likes him-Soon after arriving at the villa.

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  • Friends island

    Well, this is an idea, Sharon.

    All you need is Phoebe, Ross, and Rachel.

    Oops, she is gone.

  • Welcome to F-EDDY

    F-Eddy-Those are Faye and Teddy, I don’t know.

    After Faye’s first night in bed with Ted, he wouldn’t be like playing cards anymore.

    Did you see their “hug” under the cover?

    Who knows, maybe they will let Toby and Chloe run around for money?

    Well, doubt.

  • Don’t brad for brad

    “You are a good striker,” Lucinda said, looking into his eyes.

    He is full of praise, have you seen him smiling like a Cheshire cat.

    They say romance is dead.

  • This is a love story

    When Jake and Lib appeared, it felt like they needed to play some Taylor Swift in the background.

    Look at them!


    Liam said it. Jack heard it too.

    All those rash kisses with “the healthiest girl in the world”.

    Find a room for Chloe and Toby.


  • RACH great

    You will miss her in the blink of an eye.

    she left.

    Fans were shocked by this.

    These girls will be friends for a long time.

    Well, in the entertainment industry.

  • Bittersweet

    Faye didn’t seem to like being selected by Teddy because Rach was going home.

    So cute!

  • The teddy bear you made fun of

    He wanted to get to know her “intimately”.

    We must wait until the rest to know who Teddy will choose.

    Rach looked nervous, but was actually a little angry. Faye Wong, being her usual self, seems to be reluctant…

    what! This is also the reason why fans like her.

  • HU-GO girl!

    Love the friendship in this show.

    Hugo saved Sharon, and Aaron saved Katz.

    Now this is the real gathering of friends.

  • AARON’s A star

    Wow, did you see Aaron! Such a gentleman chooses to save Katz for the friendship couple. She was so touched.

    Fans are now crazy about it on Twitter.

  • Girl code outside the window

    If the eyes can kill.

    When Toby said that Chloe was full of sexual hints in his speech, did you see Katz’s face?

    It may become messy.

  • Jack left the kennel

    Did you see the smile on his wife’s face when he gave a speech?

    Well, if he chooses other people, it will be freedom.

  • Work fast

    He has text messages.

    Someone will go right away. I thought we had to wait until the end of the show to do this, but this is not the case.

    it has started.

    See how nervous and emotional they are.


  • My goodness! Can’t handle it.

    Who will Teddy choose?

    Who is going home.

    You are right, Rah. This is crazy.

  • Prayer Circle for Katz

    Fans eagerly hope that Teddy will choose Katz in tonight’s rematch.

    We will understand what happens when the show starts in a few minutes.


  • excellent

    Eager Beaver fans guess they know who is going home tonight.

  • Girl, goodbye

    The ladies on Love Island will wear mascara on their faces tonight.

    For one of our fanatical favorites, this will be the end of the road.

    Can you guess who it is?

  • Nice to meet you

    After being kicked out of Love Island tonight, which of these cuties will return to Brady before you know it.

    It’s time for one of them.

  • Dejected

    There is a reunion tonight and someone has been thrown out of Love Island.

    Teddy is the one in control, because the news reaches us and he will go home if he chooses no one.


  • All gravy

    Get ready for the terrible food challenge, it wouldn’t be inappropriate for me to leave here because I am a celebrity.

    Tonight, the islanders will participate in a challenge called Spit The Roast.

    The name says it all.


  • Sleepless night

    She promised “unlimited foreplay” and it looks like Chloe did it.

    Toby told the boys: “Brother, we didn’t even sleep. I don’t know if this is because she is next to me or because of the situation.

    “Chloe is a dangerous man. I can’t sleep with her on the same bed 24/7.

    “Just kissing, hugging and kissing, some grabs. The grabs are hot. No conceded, no goals. Deadlock. Let’s go back.”

  • Hugh knows

    A hapless lady is going home tonight.

    So Hugh knew that maybe Hugo would eventually marry someone who had a chemical reaction with him?

    We will find out who gets the start in more than an hour.

  • Katz is back

    And in a lively form.

    After Toby dumped her for Chloe, fans were happy to see the lively star return to a firm smile.

    The person we want to thank is… Teddy

  • When will Love Island air?

    We restarted on ITV2 at 9pm, because football meant that yesterday’s show was postponed by an hour.

    But now it’s back to normal.


  • Pillow talk

    Chloe wash your mouth!

    Fans were hysterical when this fascinated kitten yelled the size of Toby’s er on the bed.

    She told Lucinda and Millie: “This is huuuuuuge.”

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