Kevin Cooney: The Phillies have reason to believe they can end the playoff drought and enter the All-Star Game

If this Phillies season feels like a roller coaster like a roller coaster, it might be appropriate to pull it back to the station during the All-Star Weekend and lift the lever at the same place where they started when they were loaded. First of all, the cars.

At 44-44, this team will provide a reasonable definition of mediocrity. Think about it: their longest winning streak is five games. The longest losing streak is four times. Their maximum of over 0.500 is four games (April 7). The maximum number of times they are below 0.500 is four games (June 30).

They have 24 wins and 16 losses at home and 20 wins and 28 losses away in South Philadelphia. Their .716 OPS ranks 15th in the professional rankings among 20 teams. Their average batting rate is 0.242? That was the 14th place in this sport. Their 4.39 ERA ranked 19th.

They are not particularly good at any area of ??the game. Starting to pitch is an advantage, but it certainly won’t be called perfect. The ERA is 4.14-15th in the sport, and Zack Wheeler’s pitching rate is 2.26 Cy Young. The manager is supposed to be a strong one, but Joe Girardi’s steady hand looks unstable many times. The lineup is—almost every year since 2012—inconsistent. The bullpen and national defense should eventually appear on any federal disaster list.

So why should you feel optimistic when the Phillies entered the playoffs for the first time since 2011? Well, here is a better way to look at it-what else can you buy in this town at this time? With the optimistic predictions of the Eagles in seven or eight games, the Flyers are trapped in the middle of the NHL, and the 76ers have stepped on the beating heart of a city, and the Philadelphians have a glimpse of potential hope.

Yes, there has been a 7-3 recent bias in the last 10 games, including series victories over San Diego and Boston-these teams now seem to be in the playoffs in some form. Three weeks ago, when the Cubs were hot and the Red Sox were bombing, past Wrigley and Fenway road trips looked like nails in a coffin on paper. Instead, they defeated it 5-2 after winning 5-4 on Sunday, which shows that aggressiveness has not always existed in the past decade or so.

They can send thank-you letters to other members in the eastern part of the National League because they only scored 3.5 points in the shaky division before our eyes. Sports betting, such as DraftKings, still owns the Phillies, and its odds rank fourth in the division at +800. According to Pickswise, The Mets became a clear favorite with -286 points. Although New York is the best team in this department—especially the Warriors (+600) after a torn anterior cruciate ligament this weekend without Ronald Acuna Jr. for the rest of the season—none of them should A lineup view that scares you. Maybe the Nationals (+700) can piece it together, but they are rolling the dice using an old lineup that also has injury problems.

The Philadelphia schedule is also opportunistic. Of the remaining 74 games for the Phillies, 41 are at home, and their performance is much better. There are two non-divisional road series, and the remaining Philadelphians will be at a disadvantage in the series-three games in San Diego in August and three games against Milwaukee during Labor Day week. Of the 74 games remaining for the Phillies, only 23 have played against teams whose current odds exceed 0.500. Only 11 of them are on the road (three in the Mets, Padres, and Brewers, and two in the Bronx against the Yankees next week.)

In contrast, the Mets lead three consecutive victories, but still have road trips to Los Angeles, San Francisco, improved Cincinnati, Boston and Milwaukee.

Does this guarantee this group? of course not. Over the years, the poor performance in the series with the Marlins, whenever you look at the Marlins, you will feel uneasy, which is understandable.But it also has a way to influence the way management sees things When it comes to transaction deadlines and the old buyer/seller market. (We will discuss more on this topic this week.)

It is not beautiful, and certainly not easy to watch. But the Phillies gave themselves a chance. In fact, this is all you can hope for.

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