FirstFT: Lagarde warns the European Central Bank to prepare to deal with inflationary split

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The European Central Bank may agree on its new inflation target Break down into splits Its president, Christine Lagarde, issued a warning as early as next week when policymakers met to discuss changes to their interest rate hike guidelines.

The bank’s interest rate setters will meet next Thursday for the first discussion since the unanimous new strategy was launched last week, which changed the bank’s monetary policy approach for the first time since 2003.

Lagarde announced a consensus agreement, which includes a new 2% inflation target and a higher tolerance for temporary fluctuations above that level.

However, in a speech on Sunday, she told the Financial Times:

“I didn’t fantasize about every six weeks [at monetary policy meetings] We will get unanimous agreement and general acceptance because there will be some changes and some positioning will be slightly different. This is good. “

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the day before

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