The week ahead: freedom, equality and fraternity

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Welcome to work week.

In the next few days, freedom will be the subject of several news events.

Citizens of England are preparing for Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Boris Johnson) to confirm the restoration of freedom, and he will outline in a statement in the House of Commons the end of (almost all) coronavirus social restrictions from July 19th. Optimism is high.This success The success of the UK’s vaccine development and promotion is something that the country is rightly proud of.but Risk still exists, As the lock-up is lifted, the two kinds of “chaos” in the job market (not my words, those Business leaders) And the escalation of Covid cases after “Freedom Day”.The road ahead will be bumpy-Delta variant causes a surge in cases Curb consumer spending in the UK last month.Setbacks may still force the Westminster government to implement restrictions again, as the editorial board of the Financial Times said caveat.

If you are a French citizen, you can add to your free An auxiliary command equality with fraternity Because Bastille Day is celebrated on Wednesday. In Paris, President Emmanuel Macron will watch the military parade and thank French health workers for their work in the fight against Covid-19. Then on Sunday, the French capital will host the final stage of the Tour de France.

In the land of freedom, US President Joe Biden will welcome Angela Merkel in the latest phase of the German Chancellor’s global farewell tour this week.It is expected that their conversation will include the subject of climate change-a common interest and urgent need, since recently Heat wave Shown across the Pacific Northwest and Canada.As my colleague Pilita Clarke pointed out last week, the effects of high temperatures have forced companies Adapt to the workplace Keep employees cool.

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the company

Banks will dominate this week’s earnings announcements, well-known figures in Wall Street reports. Investors and analysts are eager to understand the difficulties of the industry’s accumulation of more than $1 trillion in loans on bank balance sheets in the past 12 months. JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs began their earnings season on Tuesday, Bank of America, Citigroup and Wells Fargo announced earnings on Wednesday, and Morgan Stanley announced earnings on Thursday.

Ericsson will become another company to watch, especially because its news often triggers a roller coaster of stock prices.Investors will watch nervously whether this telecom equipment supplier can maintain its momentum in the 5G network and whether China threatens to retaliate Sweden bans rival Huawei It hurts the company’s interests in one of its largest markets. CEO Borje Ekholm Test relationship By warning that the European Union is lagging behind the United States and China in 5G development, it has cooperated with fellow Europeans-but may have made smart business moves.

Economic data

Inflation worries the world’s leading economists With the launch of stimulus measures and developed countries get rid of the coronavirus lockdown. Therefore, the market is expected to pay close attention to consumer price data in the United States, India and the European Union.

The concerns of senior central bankers are also increasing Regarding the Delta variant of the coronavirus that hinders global growth- Although the vaccine against the disease has been proven effective ——So expect that the output data can also be observed keenly.

Economic and company reports

Below is a more complete list of company reports and economic data this week.

on Monday

  • India, consumer price index data

  • India, monthly industrial production data

  • Trustpilot (transaction update)

on Tuesday

  • China, monthly trade data

  • German consumer price index data

  • United States, consumer price data

  • International Energy Agency’s Monthly Oil Market Report

  • Goldman Sachs (Q2)

  • JPMorgan Chase (Q2)

  • Pepsi (Q2)

  • Kier (transaction update)

on Wednesday

  • UK, consumer price inflation data

  • UK, National Bureau of Statistics Monthly House Price Index

  • China, GDP data for the second quarter

  • Eurostat industrial production data

  • Japan, industrial production data

  • U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics Producer Price Index

  • Bank of America (Second Quarter)

  • BlackRock (Q2)

  • Burberry (AGM)

  • Citigroup (Q2)

  • Infosys (Q1)

  • Barratt Developments (transaction update)

  • Tele2 (Q2)

  • Dune (transaction update)


  • United States, industrial production data

  • United Kingdom, Labour Market Statistics

  • OPEC Oil Market Monthly Report

  • Alcoa (Q2)

  • Morgan Stanley (Second Quarter)

  • Bank of New York Mellon (Q2)

  • Bank of America (Q2)

  • Iron Ore (H1)

  • Asos (transaction update)


World events

Finally, here is a summary of the events and milestones that could become news this week.

on Monday

  • Northern Ireland, public holiday commemorating the Battle of the Boyne River

  • London Fintech Week begins

on Tuesday

on Wednesday



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