Love Island viewers are distracted by Hugo’s celebrity appearance

Love Island star Hugo Hammond may not win the girls in the villa-but he lets women talk about it on social media.

Fans noticed that the physical education teacher has an incredible celebrity clone and criticized the “disgusting” reaction of female players to him.

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Fans noticed that Hugo looks like Fifty Shades of Gray actor Jamie DonanCredit: ITV

Hugo24 years old, I have been left out again and again this year Love island Girls, this disappointed his fans watching the game at home.

Yesterday, the audience Threatened to lodge a complaint with Ofcom After the teacher once again became the only boy who was not selected in the loot line challenge.

Now they embrace his “angel-like” face and obvious celebrity looks, and are “disgustingly” laughed at by these girls.

Last night when Hugo When asked who his celebrity clone was, the reality TV star compared himself to an actor in “Fifty Shades of Grey” Jamie Donan.

Hugo compared himself to an actor in last night's drama


Hugo compared himself to an actor in last night’s dramaCredit: ITV
Fans agree that he looks like an actor with fifty degrees of darkness


Fans agree that he looks like an actor with fifty degrees of darknessCredit: Jude Ekington

Since fans have compared him with the burly Irish actor on social media, more people went to Twitter to agree with his comparison.

“I did see Jamie Donan in Hugo,” one woman started the debate, and another woman agreed: “Hugo looks a lot like Jamie Donan.”

One-third said they noticed the similarities before he made the suggestion: “I was thinking that Hugo and Jamie Donan are a bit like.”

“Can we try? Can we give Hugo sunglasses and Northern Ireland accent? Does anyone else see Jamie Dornan?” The fourth interrupted.

Fans agree on Twitter that Hugo looks like Jamie


Fans agree on Twitter that Hugo looks like JamieCredit: Getty
Girls can't see the comparison between them


Girls can’t see the comparison between themCredit: ITV

Someone pointed out that he was the “angel version” of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” actor, and some people said that although he looks good, he will still be “this year’s Dr. Alex George”.

Others slammed the girls for looking “disgusted” when Hugo made the comparison, even though they agreed Jack Cornwall Looks like Chris Hemsworth.

“When Hugo said that Jamie Donan and his celebrity look alike but Mr. Foot Fetish’s eggs, how could they calm down and look disgusted?” one said.

The other agreed: “I like the girls telling Hugo so quickly that he doesn’t look like Jamie Donan. Hugo’s presence just triggered them.”

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On the Best Bits show, the new reality star discusses their doppelganger, Jack compares himself to Chris Hemsworth and Liam Reardon to Dan Edgar.

But when Hugo compared herself with Jamie Donan, the girls were not impressed and immediately raised their noses.

“I didn’t see it, did you see it?” Rachel Fanny could be heard asking other girls, while Faye Winter frowned and shook his head.

“Fifty shadows of Hammond,” Hugo joked, as he tried to pass the embarrassing moment with a smile and continued to ask further questions.

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