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Brussels will be at Delayed plan Its controversial digital tax continued into the fall to boost the prospects for a global corporate tax reform agreement.

Previously, the G20 finance ministers in Venice at the weekend approved the landmark global taxation agreement reached by the G7 countries last month to set the global minimum tax rate and reform the taxation rights.

According to people familiar with the matter, the European Commission is under tremendous pressure from the US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to shelve its digital tax proposal.

Brussels was originally scheduled to propose a digital tax proposal this week, but it has postponed it to July 20.

  • More G20 news: G20 Finance Ministers Collective Approved carbon pricing For the first time, this once-controversial idea is described as one of the “broad tools” for tackling climate change.

There are five more stories in the news

1. Brussels targets aviation fuel tax The European Commission will propose to revise its 15-year-old carbon tax rule manual to incentivize low-emission fuels and tax The aviation and shipping industries use heavily polluting energy sources to reduce carbon emissions.

2. Richard Branson touches the edge of space Founder of Virgin Touch the edge On Sunday morning, in the race to open suborbital space to commercial tourism, he realized his life’s ambition and gained bragging rights from rival Jeff Bezos.See how Branson and Bezos are Rocket ship comparison.

3. China will implement security checks on overseas listings Chinese companies with more than 1 million user data will need Pass security review China’s Internet regulator said on Saturday that before issuing shares on overseas stock exchanges.

4. SoftBank’s second Vision Fund accelerates the pace of investment Fund poured US$13 billion invested in more than 50 companies According to two people familiar with the matter, the pace of its investment increased sharply in the second quarter. In the first three months of this year, the second Vision Fund invested less than US$2 billion in less than two dozen companies.

5. The widow of the President of Haiti claims that domestic opponents are plotting assassination President Jovenel Moïse’s widow accuses domestic opponents of the Haitian leader Organize his assassination, Because the prosecutor summoned major business and political figures for questioning.Haitian police stated that they have identified the people who assassinated Moïse, most of whom were Colombian mercenary.

  • read more: Haitian “Fell into hell” After the death of the president, it is imminent. “Whether you love Moise or hate him, it is the same reaction: a deep shock,” said a resident of Port-au-Prince.

Coronavirus Digest

  • Governments Asia Pacific The region is strengthening Tighter lockdown measures To combat the spread of the highly contagious Covid-19 Delta variant.

  • Indian authorities Worried about the increased risk of tourists flocking to towns in the Himalayas The new Covid-19 outbreak.

  • On top Fed officials It warned that the spread of the Delta coronavirus variant and low vaccination rates in some parts of the world constituted Threat to global recovery.

  • Scientists are racing to answer this question: how good is it Jab protection Against variants?

Graph showing vaccine efficacy compared to Alpha and Delta variants

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The days to come

Indian economic data Consumer price index data and monthly industrial production data will be released today.

Janet Yellen Meets with Eurozone Finance Ministers When the US Secretary of the Treasury meets with the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and her European colleagues today, the digital tax in Brussels will be the main topic of discussion.

Musk testifies on Tesla’s acquisition of SolarCity For more than a decade, Elon Musk has been Tesla’s spokesperson, and he has made himself the company’s gorgeous image ambassador for the electric car revolution.on on Monday, The CEO of the performer will try to prove to a Delaware judge that he cannot control the company regardless of his reputation.

Join”Opening up a new path to success in African football“, a dialogue with sports leaders on opportunities to cultivate African football talents on July 15.

What are we still reading

China threatens to ease Taiwan’s welcome to Hong Kong’s exiles Last year, after Beijing took action to suppress dissidents in the former British colony, the President of Taiwan offered asylum to a wave of fleeing Hong Kong people.But those seeking asylum have fallen into a Web of Restrictions Designed to protect Taiwan from the influence of an increasingly tough China.

The political awakening of Melinda France Gates French Gates has evolved from a very private behind-the-scenes figure to a leader who feels comfortable in the spotlight and is increasingly occupied by a single cause.She also joined an unusual club: the former spouse of a tech billionaire was suddenly unconstrained and was free to Develop your own philanthropy route.

Apartment politics in Florida takes center stage Controversy over how to pay for basic maintenance often leads to Resident infighting. Similar to the serious bills that some apartment owners were forced to pay when landlords upgraded the cladding of their buildings during the deadly Grenfell fire in London four years ago.

Xi Jinping and the U.S. hawks against China unite Didi’s fiasco marked the end of a steady stream of Chinese companies listing in New York. Tom Mitchell of the Financial Times wroteThis also makes President Xi Jinping and Washington’s chief antagonist Senator Marco Rubio a strange bedrock dream.

Isabella Tree: “Someday we don’t need a nature reserve” Environmentalists and her husband Charlie Burrell developed Knepp Castle Estate, One of the most daring and controversial rewilding projects in the world. During lunch with the Financial Times, the tree weighed the issues of restoring biodiversity, vegetarianism-and why cloning a mammoth seemed like a bad idea.

Work and career

The imbalance of vaccination, coupled with the great divergence of views on safe behavior, divides us into an awkward combination of shaking, bumper and fist. Pilita Clark wrote.

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