Firefighters “work all night” in a 5,000-hectare wildfire near Ashcroft, British Columbia, with 306 fires burning

On Sunday morning, BC wildfire rescuers continued to put out more than 300 fires, focusing on controlling the 5,000 hectares of fire near Ashcroft in the central part of the province.

The blaze near Ashcroft raged only 8.5 kilometers south of the town, and firefighters worked all night to control the “out of control” wildfire, which made the Ashcroft City Government and Ashcroft The Indian band’s land is under evacuation alert.

“The staff worked all night to establish control lines with heavy equipment, and the structural protection personnel were at the scene today,” the British Columbia Wildfire Bureau said on its website Sunday morning. “The night staff strengthened the heavy machinery guards on the west side of the fire site and carried out all day.

“However, the east side of the fire is being severely challenged by the wind.”

At the same time, authorities on Sunday begged residents to flee the smoky sky and live with friends or family in order to provide free hotel rooms for actual wildfire evacuees who “have no choice.”

According to statistics, nearly one-third of the current 306 fires occurred in the Kamloops area. Provincial dataSevere wildfires also occurred in the Prince George Fire Zone and the southeastern part of the province.

Issue more evacuation orders

With more and more evacuation orders, the British Columbia Emergency Management Agency issued a statement on Sunday asking people in areas with poor air quality to avoid moving to different cities. Instead, the agency recommends that people in smoky areas should stay indoors, avoid strenuous outdoor activities, and visit air-controlled public facilities such as community centers and libraries.

Watch | More and more people are calling for BC to declare a state of emergency for wildfires:

More staff are heading to help fight the unprecedented wildfire season in British Columbia. Now there are increasing calls for the province to declare a state of emergency. 2:54

Since Saturday night, at least two new evacuation orders have been issued, including an order to evacuate 60 properties west of Kamloops Lake. Valhacin Region, And another order required the evacuation of properties near Gustafsen and Lake Neilson near 100 Mile House.There are new ones Regional restrictions About people visiting the Cranbrook area.

More than 20 other communities are still under evacuation alert, which means residents must be prepared to give up their property in a short period of time.

The province blamed human activities for nearly 400 of the more than 1,100 wildfires this year, although most of the fires were caused by lightning.

The British Columbia Wildfire Bureau tweeted on Saturday night: “Be extra careful when engaging in recreational activities in remote areas. Do not engage in any activities that may cause wildfires.” The risk of wildfire has risen to a critical level.”

Anyone who receives an evacuation order must leave the area immediately.

Evacuation centers have been set up throughout the province to help anyone evacuating from communities threatened by wildfires.To find the center closest to you, please visit Emergency Management in British Columbia website.

Encourage evacuees to register online Emergency Support Service, Regardless of whether they receive services in an evacuation center.

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