Eagles Mailbag: N’Keal Harry, Food Spread, Ben Simmons and Philadelphia team strength rankings

We haven’t talked to the Hawks for a while, because they haven’t done anything for a month. However, I asked you some questions about the mail bag, and as usual, you passed.

Joshua’s question: With everything about this team in transition, how do you think the Hawks will make Hutts a “player” after the season is over? Is it as simple as their record… His QBR… Wait?

I don’t think there are QB ratings, QBR, TD-INT ratios, team records, or any other specific metrics that can guide the Eagles whether they believe he is the “candidate” for 2022 and beyond.

I think they need to see the continuation of his positive qualities, most notably his leadership skills and how his teammates perceive him. But at the same time, they also need to see a significant improvement in his pitching ability, especially in terms of accuracy.

I think if/when we see it, we will know it.

O’Neal’s question: How many WRs do you think the Hawks will continue to have in the new season, and who will they be?

Before the start of the training camp, I will have a prediction of 53 people, but after having the opportunity to review a group of people in our “Eagle Player Review” series, I think I now have the following people:

  1. Devon Tower Smith
  2. Jaylen Regg
  3. Travis Fulham
  4. Greg Ward
  5. Quetz Watkins
  6. JJ Alsegar-Whiteside

(Yes, I think JJ will have another year.)

Question from U-Dell: We have all heard of DeVonta Smith’s route running and hands, but what do you think of his speed?

Of course, we don’t have an official 40 times about Smith because he didn’t participate 40 times in the Commonwealth or Alabama Career Day. I just want to say that in his college career, he has been evading many good players in the SEC. He is not Tyreek Hill or DeSean Jackson, but I think his speed is good.

Question from Jeff: Will DeVonta Smith become invalid due to lack of talent in other WR positions?

In the NFL, receivers are not usually doubled, but I do think the opposing defense will put their best cornerback on Smith.

Greg’s question: How to use the notorious backup QB in NFL land media work as an expert in this position?

Ha, I don’t know if this refers to Chris Simms or Dan Orlovsky, they have all recently taken photos in Jalen Hurts. I think those quarterbacks who do not have elite talents but stay in the NFL for a long time must have something that suits them, in terms of their understanding of the game. Obviously, we have seen some of these people work as coaches in Philadelphia, in Doug Pedersen and Frank Reich.

I respect the opinions supported by game tapes. Tell me why we should treat the quarterback’s mistakes or missed opportunities with ease. These things are valuable, and I think Orlovsky did a good job in this area when he started to play a role in the media. However, these valuable content has been replaced by false arguments from “performance shows” such as NFL Live. E.g:

It’s all rubbish, it’s hard to take it seriously I think Kirk Herbstreit is a former quarterback and is at the top of the game in his analysis. This is because he has conducted a thoughtful and careful analysis of the players without resorting to opinions designed to cause controversy.

Question from Hathematics: Looking back at the 2018 draft, do you think trading with the Ravens is a good decision? It’s basically asking: Would you rather let Dallas Goldt and Miles Sanders or Darius Leonard move on?

Would I choose Darius Leonard instead of Dallas Goldt and Miles Sanders? Yes it is. But come on, buddy. We all know that if they made that draft rather than traded it out, they wouldn’t be able to pick the linebacker to such a high position, ha.

I think the decision to trade out and the value they got with Goedert and Sanders in the second round are good. Obviously, there are dozens of other moves that are more worthy of criticism.

Question from Cumbleton: Will the Hawks add a starter to the corner kick? Can they really get a significant impact from this year’s draft class?

In previous seasons, I usually did not let rookies play prominent roles, but I do think they will have more opportunities than usual this year, (a) because the roster is bad, and (b) because their power seems to be recognized This will not be a competitive season for the Super Bowl.

As for the starter in the corner, I began to doubt. If they can add one to a cost-effective contract, then do it. Otherwise, I will only endure what they have and solve this problem in the next offseason.

Question from Kevin Kinkead: Is it just me, or the writers of the Eagles hate Ben Simmons more than anyone?

Ha, I didn’t know that my colleague was a hater of Ben Simmons. I can’t speak for them, but personally, I don’t like his game at all. If he is still in the team next year, it will be difficult for me to see him. We can do all the mental gymnastics we want to forgive his play style, but he is afraid of performing the main goal of the sport (to get the ball through the basket), and in my opinion, his other skills are overrated. Maybe this makes me a bit like a fan of Neanderthals, they don’t appreciate how he narrows his passing lanes when defending, and other such defensive nonsense? I do not know.

But if we (Eagle Media) as a whole treat him more severely than the average commentator, I will throw a hypothesis. Perhaps because football culture pays so much attention to continuous improvement, competition, love of the sport, etc., we think Simmons is a very talented physical athlete. should Getting better and better, but never really did it? Then, as a “fan” of basketball instead of a “BIG J reporter”, when we report on football, perhaps our criticism on Twitter, etc. sounds more like a complaint. If we criticize a person, we might try to use a more cautious tone. Who are the players in the sport we are reporting?

But again, I don’t know this is one thing, although I am not surprised if it is true. By the way, Kevin… No. 3 seed? Tonic.

Question from Ky-El P: What are the current power rankings of the four Philadelphia teams?

This is harder than I thought. The 76ers are clearly at the top of the list, and then the next three can really be arranged in any order.

  1. 76ers
  2. Eagles
  3. Phillies
  4. Flyer

I put the Eagles in second place because they run better than the Phillies and Flyers, even though we sometimes beat them. Then I have the Phillies instead of the Flyers, because the Phillies have more talent.

Herb’s question: The chance of becoming an Hawks this season is better; Zach Ertz or Nate Gerry?

what. Gerry. I really mean that. This is not a joking answer.

Question from Kenny: Will anyone sign Alshonymous?

Yes, I do think he will eventually land somewhere, maybe one of those “halfway” people. It would be interesting if it were in Indianapolis.

Danny’s question: Should the Hawks have a trade interest in Patriots’ N’Keal Harry?

I have seen the Eagles listed as potential landing sites, but my guess is that, apart from “the Eagles’ wide receiver is terrible, and this guy plays the wide receiver, they should be interested in him”, I think Of more.

I am not interested in players who play badly and then ask for trades.

Colin’s question: Are you looking forward to reporting on food price differences this year?

This reminds me.My continuation 2020 Food Communication Column After I stopped participating in road races, I was a bit stuck. I had to bow somehow. But yes, assuming the actual return of meals is conducive to boxed lunches, I look forward to returning to the normality of boxed food spread.

Question from TheBlackIrishman: I’m always shocked by the range of your podcast ads for Kristin Roach of Roach Realtors (very catchy, and your daughter is great). If you are a rookie in the NFL, what song are you singing?

Ha, you are very kind, good sir, but I am the worst singer ever.

As for your question, you mean, if I am forced to sing in front of the whole team as they showed on Hard Knocks, what song am I singing? I think I will make a TV themed show medley and bring it out like I am Whitney Houston. In addition, I think another method that is always effective is to make an impression of the team’s coaches and other players, so I will look for imitable personalities throughout the training camp.

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