Dear Governor Simon, beware of Greeks carrying gifts | United States and Canada

In many cases, reporters focus on “who” without thinking about “why”.

After Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision to appoint an Aboriginal woman as Governor-General earlier this week (as some people insist), this irritating trend has been predictable. Circumstances show up.

Mary Simon, an Inukian leader and former diplomat, was the first Aboriginal to serve as the nominal head of state in Canada.

“Canada is a place to find people, a people who serve those around them; they are full of hope and determination to meet major challenges, and most importantly, they never stop working hard to build a better tomorrow. In other words, like Mary People like Simon,” Trudeau said when introducing the new governor at a press conference.

When another governor unveiled it with typical Canadian repressive fanfare, the prime minister was enthusiastically applauded by the establishment media, which always eloquently applauded. (It will be described in detail later.)

Despite this, several writers criticized Trudeau for not appointing Governor Simon in 2017, instead choosing to promote astronaut and engineer Julie Payette to a flashy ceremonial position. (Payette will be described in detail later.)

No one answered in all the gentle tuts—so as not to deviate from the historic moment—that’s why Trudeau hesitated to make his “groundbreaking” choice.

The answer lies in Trudeau’s iconic cynical, calculation technique.

In 2017, Trudeau and his arrogant and omniscient advisory team might think that although there were several well-known candidates being promoted at the time, appointing an indigenous person as governor would hardly generate a public relations dividend.

The continuous and cruel injustices and deprivations that prevail in the lives of many aborigines in Canada have not appeared on the short-sighted radar of the media. They were not important then.

Therefore, Trudeau and the optical company, which had been looking for a profit, chose to replace the elderly male scholars with the young, smart and energetic Payette to confirm the new prime minister’s “feminist” sincerity-which was indeed very good at the time. important.

In order to prove the political expediency, a concurring admirer/commentor immediately congratulated Trudeau on “an enlightening choice of a feminist prime minister who often talks about the importance of heroines to her young daughter.”

The mission of the parish is completed.

However, by 2021, Canada’s political and cultural landscape has undergone tremendous changes. Trudeau is eager to ride the waves and appoint Simon as an outdated job, once again demonstrating his “progressive” qualifications on the cusp of the federal elections are expected to be soon Call.

A damn report of persistent and disturbing allegations of bullying and harassment in Rideau Hall, the governor’s residence, eclipsed Payette’s polar star-like light, fatally eclipsed.

Payette’s resignation-immediately abandoned by the same “feminist” prime minister and deemed unwelcome, the prime minister confidently insisted that “Mrs. Payette would become an extraordinary governor. She represented Canada.” The best values.”

A few months later, the shocking discovery of the graves containing more than 1,000 corpses, including indigenous children — all of them were victims of church-run, state-sanctioned detention camps, also affectionately referred to as “boarding “Schools”-the indigenous “problems” have been pushed to the forefront of the media’s frivolous awareness.

All in all, these two seemingly completely different events provide Trudeau with an opportunity not only to distance him from the Payette crash that he wrote, but also to prove that the long-forgotten plight of the indigenous people of this country suddenly became his opportunism. The first task of thinking-and he did it.

Once again completed the narrow mission.

But Simon would be wise to remember that the Prime Minister and a group of equally fickle experts praised her today as a gifted and potentially transformative puppet, once granted almost verbatim to Payette, who is now in purgatory forever The same general praise for ebullient language.

“Miss. Payette’s life is dedicated to discovery, dreaming big and always focusing on the most important things. These true Canadian qualities, coupled with her years of public service, make her unquestionably qualified for this high-level position,” Trullo Mostly said in July 2017.

A flattered scribe wrote: “Justin Trudeau conveys a powerful message by appointing an engineer and scientist-oh yes, an astronaut serves as the governor… as a symbol of scientific excellence, Julie Payette is the woman Canada needs.”

Finally, a columnist with piercing eyes praised Payette, who, of course, is an aspiring national symbol. “The role of the modern governor is now the kind of national symbol: the prime minister no longer uses it as a political reward, but tries to find someone who can represent Canada’s status quo or aspirations to be.

As a Republican, I am philosophically and professionally allergic to these slimy and embarrassing gadgets, which equate an outdated and outdated institution with “service” and amorphous. , Fantasy “symbols” concepts, these concepts are expected to embody and convey vague and usually incomprehensible “messages” through their royal-colored words and deeds.

Despite these stupid and pretentious remarks, Payette proved to be a flawed figure. According to reports, she rebuked and intimidated her employees to cry and created a “toxic workplace.”

Given Payette’s public trajectory from the “modern” and dazzling “symbols” of “what Canada is or aspires to be” to the deported untouchables, a question comes to mind: why is so talented and so talented as Simon An accomplished woman might risk the same unfortunate fate by agreeing to play an ancient role. According to the Constitution, she must undoubtedly accept the Prime Minister’s order and bow her knees before the Queen?

Simon is holding a command-like position, which to a large extent also means having her read censored speeches, in some cases, written by the prime minister’s staff, ride in a carriage in the parade, and be loyal and speak out The comforting thing A country and monarchy have caused profound and indelible damage and injury to the aboriginal people of Canada.

Ironically, just two days after Simon was appointed as the next governor, another powerful Aboriginal female MP, Jody Wilson-Rebald, announced that she would not run for re-election.

In a letter explaining her decision, Wilson Rebald made a sharp accusation against the Prime Minister who had just appointed Simon.

Wilson-Rebald wrote that the “crisis” facing Canadian democracy is a product of “lack of inclusiveness.” The power and power of the prime minister is concentrated in the hands of those who are not elected. Governance principles and practices have been eroded to the extent that the consequences of illegal actions taken for political gain have limited or no consequences”.

Wilson-Raybould’s less disguised and harsh prosecution of Trudeau’s nature and punitive character stems from her experience as an Aboriginal woman as Minister of Justice and Minister of Justice. She refused to appease the Prime Minister because he repeatedly pressured her. , Asked her to abandon the criminal prosecution against Trudeau. A large engineering company in Quebec faced bribery and corruption charges and reached a plea agreement on the eve of the federal vote.

In order to defend and abide by the rule of law, Wilson-Rebald’s loyalty, honesty and motivation were “questioned” by the prime minister and his king’s caucus, who was eager to please his children-except for another principled minister. In the end, Wilson Rebald was excluded from the Cabinet and the Liberal Party and entered the Parliament as an independent.

It is commendable that Wilson-Raybould paid tribute to Simon’s appointment as governor on Twitter-at the same time, she seems to have alluded to Trudeau’s mercenary nature at the same time. “Congratulations to Her Excellency Mary J. May Simon… Thank you for your knowledge, dignity and integrity in this challenging time.”

She could have added this warning: beware of Greeks carrying gifts.

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