Canadian rental “carpocalypse”; real price of restaurant wine: CBC’s Marketplace cheat sheet

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Canada is facing a shortage of car rentals.This is why

If you want to rent a car and get on the road this summer, you may run into some trouble.

This is because the shortage of car rentals — or “carpocalypse” in the US — is continuing in Canada because of supply chain issues that make the supply and demand of car rentals out of balance.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, car rental bookings dropped sharply, prompting the company to significantly reduce the size of its fleet and lay off employees.

But as Canada began to reopen, many leasing companies encountered difficulties in rebuilding their fleets, especially due to global semiconductor shortages that paralyzed car production and caused long delays in new cars and trucks. read more

The continuing shortage of semiconductors prevents automakers from producing enough new cars to meet demand. (Charles Platio/Reuters)

Which bottle of wine in the restaurant has the highest price increase?The answer may surprise you

If you want to know how to get the most out of sipping wine on the terrace this summer, please listen.

A report by British researchers from the London School of Economics and the University of Sussex attempts to answer this age-old question—the numbers suggest some counterintuitive conclusions.

Researchers surveyed 249 restaurants in London that publish wine lists online and found that restaurant wine prices are on average about 300% higher than retail prices.

But this is not all they found. The data shows that what diners really get bored is when they order wines numbered 3 to 6 on the menu. On average, the markup may be more than 50% higher than the best bargain on the list. read more

British researchers examined the wine lists of 249 restaurants in and around London and came up with some interesting conclusions about which wines are the best value for money. (John Colesidis/Reuters)

Ontario woman said her family was “completely abandoned” by Hyundai after the vehicle broke down

A woman in Kitchener, Ontario said that last month, after her family had a malfunction on Highway 401 at the Hyundai site in 2020, her family was stranded in a high temperature of 30 degrees Celsius for several hours. The company’s roadside assistance program failed to help them return home.

“At the moment we really needed their help, we felt that we were completely abandoned by the company,” Shama Cunningham said.

They called Roadside Assistance-a service under their extended warranty-and Bruce said the agent agreed to send a tow truck, but would not arrange to borrow a vehicle or taxi.

In an email statement, a modern Canada spokesperson apologized to the Cunninghams for the inconvenience caused.

Jennifer McCarthy said that the company’s agent tried to find a rental car for the family, but the nearby agent was closed on Sunday.

McCarthy said that because of the physical distance agreement, customers are responsible for arranging their own means of transportation when the vehicle is towed. read more

Bruce, Jessa, and Shama Cunningham (from left to right) were driving home from the cabin when their new modern venue was powered off near Colburn, Ontario. Despite the extended warranty, Cunninghams said they must find their way home. (Talia Ritchie/Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

Is there anything else?

Major ransomware attacks against technology providers put other companies in trouble
The cybersecurity company stated that Canada is one of the 17 countries that have been attacked.

With interest rates remaining low, Canadian house prices still have room to rise
The real estate boom was over before the end, but people are still buying.

The Halva was recalled due to Salmonella contamination
The recalled products should be discarded or returned to the retailer.

These plant-based cakes were recalled for failing to declare eggs
The recalled products should be thrown away or returned to the store where they were purchased.

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