Weekend heat wave brings fire hazard and calls for energy conservation

Weekend heat wave brings fire hazard and calls for energy conservation



Escondido, California-The heat wave that lasted into the weekend prompted state officials to call on residents to reduce electricity use when temperatures soar.

In San Diego County, firefighters are watching the temperature rise and preparing for what may happen.

“We have a year-round fire season in San Diego because we do,” said Thomas Tells, Captain of California Fire San Diego. “But certain periods of the year are more critical, and this is one of them.”

The local desert area will issue an overheating warning from 9 am on Saturday to 8 pm on Monday night, and the less urgent high temperature warning in the mountains will continue until 8 pm on Monday night. According to the National Meteorological Administration, the highest temperature in the desert may reach 120 degrees on Saturday and 118 degrees on Sunday, while the temperature in the mountains is expected to reach 102 degrees and 101 degrees on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

Forecasters suggest that during the hot peak period, the low temperature in the desert may not exceed 80 to 90 years, and it can be reduced to a minimum even at night.

Authorities warn that extreme heat will significantly increase the possibility of high-temperature-related diseases, especially for those who work or participate in outdoor activities.

As the hot summer heat and dry conditions merge, firefighters are preparing to take quick action when needed. In the hot days of the past few days, Shoots said that the call of the fire alarm has become lower and lower, and they believe that this situation will not continue as the next major bushfire is always around the corner.

However, according to Shoots, it’s not just the fire hazard that worries them.

“Provide air-conditioning for our rural residents, who live at a temperature of more than 100 degrees, all of which may pose challenges for our dishes,” he said.

When the firefighters are ready for everything to come, restaurants like BAPS! Escondido also ushered in high temperatures.

“A lot of people don’t want to go out in hot weather,” said restaurant owner Brad Solley. “We have adapted and put the gentlemen outside, just to help cool down.”

When the temperature rises, Solley has another trick to get people in.

“We make bottomless mimosa for $7.99 seven days a week,” he said, “so it’s definitely a tie.”

In order to help residents withstand the heat, San Diego County has opened public buildings in the Alps, Borrego Springs, Fallbrook, Lakeside, Potrero, Ramona, San Isabel, Spring Valley, and Valley Center. “Cool Zone” place.

You can find a list of locations Here.


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