What are they talking about: The best/worst-case scenario for the Hawks in 2021, comparing Hurts and Wentz, more

What are they talking about: The best/worst-case scenario for the Hawks in 2021, comparing Hurts and Wentz, more



We are only a few weeks away from the start of the Eagles training camp, when we will truly have real football to write about. At the same time, there are a lot of rankings, listings, previews and comparisons-sometimes this can provide better content for review posts.

I think this makes us very lucky, because that is why we are here. Therefore, let us stop wasting time and learn more about their views on birds…

For better…or worse

Ben Linxi | Professional football focus

Not many people have high hopes for the Eagles this season, which is not surprising considering that they have a second year of QB (with only a few games experience) starting from center and first place. Years of coaching, and a relatively young and inexperienced coaching staff.

Again, although they don’t have a deep lineup, they are strong in certain positions, have young people who can have unexpected effects, and have key old futures on both sides of the ball to help these young players speed. The most important thing is that they play in a division, and although it will almost certainly be better than last year, it is still not that good. So maybe Philadelphia has the opportunity to surprise some people this season.

But what would this even look like? The number of games this season is odd and there won’t be any 0.500 records, but will 8-9 or 9-8 be better than expected? It must be so for me, because I see birds approaching 6-10 this year.

But would you say 9-8 is as good as what the Hawks might do in 2021? This is what they said in Pro Football Focus, it is difficult to argue with them. For the Hawks, completing a game above 0.500 anywhere is a major victory, especially if Jalen Hurts impresses them and shows them that he can be a QB forward. However, if he is struggling and the Eagles somehow (read: impossible) still finish the game above 0.500, then if the team wants to replace Hertz, it will really be hurt during draft time.

Of course, there is another end, PFF has studied both. After conducting a lot of simulations throughout the NFL season, they presented what they thought were the best and worst-case scenarios for each NFL team this season. This is what they have to say about birds…

Philadelphia Eagles

10th percentile result: 4-13

How did they get there: Philadelphia’s weakness on the outside is still a problem, and age is beginning to affect the perceived advantage of being in the trenches.

After sophomore quarterback Jalen Hurts had 29.4% of his passes recorded as unable to catch, he was unable to lead an effective passing offense in one season. This was the last season he tried at least 100 passes. The highest of the quarterbacks on the ball. When the Eagles are defending, whoever starts with Darius Slei at the cornerback is often a target. Avonte Maddox only received a coverage rating of 37.1 for this position last year.

90th percentile result: 9-8

How they got there: The offensive line that stopped playing the musical chair due to injury would make a big difference. Ryan Johnson (with a PFF score of 88.8 in 2019) and Brandon Brooks (with a PFF score of 92.8 in 2019) returned in full force, and Andre Dillard won the position of left tackle, He looked like the player Philadelphia wanted in the first round of the draft. He was two years ago. DeVonta Smith showed that any concerns about his weight before the draft were also exaggerated. All this gives Hertz the opportunity to prove that he can become the future of the team’s quarterback position. [pff.com]

Wentz vs. Damage

Cody Benjamin | CBS Sports

This debate will not go anywhere, will it? In fact, this may just be a continuation of the debate between Wentz and Foles, which almost tore the city apart.

In any case, in CBS Sports, Cody Benjamin (Cody Benjamin) measured which quarterback will have a better career (the next three years) (supported by facts), this should be what Eagles fans really care about ( Not which was better last year).

However, his answer may not be what Philadelphia fans hoped for…

Nonetheless, true courage and contagious personality do not always translate into long-term results and/or front-end promises. Just ask Nick Foles. So, if we don’t put more weight on the connection or perception of Hurts and Wentz, but what can they continue to do with the ball in their hands? Using their college and NFL resumes as evidence, it is clear that Hurts provides more as a runner and Wentz provides more as a passer. […]

Which skill is more suitable to lead the team to the championship, the ultimate “chartered QB” verification? History says that moving the ball in the air is still the safest bet. In the past 20 QBs that have won Super Bowl titles, all but one are pocket passers. Only Russell Wilson has passed 85 passes in the championship battle. This list reads like a Who’s Who of non-running athletes, at least compared to players like Murray and Jackson: Tom Brady (2020), Patrick Mahomes (2019), Brady (2018), Foo Charles (2017), Brady (2016), Peyton Manning (2015), Brady (2014), Russell Wilson (2013), Joe Flacco (2012), Eli Manning (2011), Aaron Rogers (2010), Drew Bliss (2009), Ben Roethlisberger (2008), Eli (2007), Payton (2006), Roethlisberg Grid (2005), Brady (2004), Brady (2003), Brad Johnson (2002), Brady (2001).

For every Jackson entering the playoffs, there are always about five Brady or Flacos. This is not to say that high-volume QB cannot buck the trend-so much less QB that relies heavily on both legs-but we would like to know if there are more traditional pocket passers (even those that can move , But don’t rely on it) Stay traditional. Even in today’s NFL, QB can show their arms more than their legs — and, by extension, their teams — tend to win, or at least make the playoffs.

So, what did this leave us in the Hurts vs. Wentz game? Obviously, Wentz gives you a higher passing cap, which gives you a better chance of winning. Since he is more of a gunner type, perhaps overly trusting himself and bottoming out mentally or mechanically, he is more risky than the more computationally capable (Brady) or more talented (Mahoms) QB Much. But in the final analysis, he will give you the necessary advantage as a passer. As far as he is concerned, this is helpful to him. He has proved more than once that he can become the starter of the NFL in the first half, which makes him more likely than Hertz to become the first and latter promise in history. [cbsports.com]

Heading in the wrong direction

Tim McManus | ESPN

Speaking of comparing these two QBs, ESPN’s Tim McManus floats up and down the Hawks’ roster, looking at whether each QB will get better or worse in 2021. Although Wentz was the worst QB in the league last year, McManus believes that the birdies somehow got worse in that position.

Arguing with him is a bit difficult, especially when he looks at the entire QB room.


supplement: Joe Flacco (one year, $3.5 million contract), Nick Mullens (one year, $970,000 contract)

loss: Wentz (Colts), Nate Sudfield (49ers)

Returned by: hurt

Better, worse or the same: worse

Last season, Wentz was at the bottom of the league in statistics. Despite playing only 12 games, he leads the NFL in interceptions (15) and sacks (50). Hurts should not have any problems to improve this performance, so in a sense, the Hawks will upgrade the quarterback this season.

But we all know that Wentz will perform better than him in 2020. Even in a sluggish game, his interception rate (2.0) and passing rating (89.2) are still ranked second among the Hawks quarterbacks and third in completion rate (62.7). Although he may not return to the state where he was close to the MVP in 2017, it is hard to deny that the 28-year-old Wentz has more room for improvement than the 36-year-old Flacco at this stage of his career, and compared with Wentz, There are even fewer predictions for him. It hurts.

Having said that, since Hertz entered the conference, the evaluation of his leadership has been very strong. Now that the quarterback controversy has passed, the QB room should have a healthier atmosphere. [espn.com]

Not the arm of the NFL?

Ruben Frank | NBC Sports Philadelphia

At NBC Sports Philadelphia, Reuben Frank looked at the argument that some people would think that Hurts does not have an NFL-level arm.He came out to provide a strong defense for the Hawks’ QB, telling the facts and figures about Hurts’ success in the modern and historical context in a typical Roob way, just like only 10 QBs have ever provided the figures of Hurts. In his first 3 starts (only 3 times full The game he played).

For those who think that Hurts is a pony with one move (his sprint ability), Roob has a message to tell you…

Still wondering whether Hurts has an NFL arm?

How did he complete 9 30-yard passes in the last five weeks of the season, ranked second in the NFL during that time, and made 250 fewer passes than Drew Bliss throughout the year once?

In his first five seasons, how did he have games for 330 yards or more?

How did he get more passing yards in the first three starts than any quarterback in the Pro Football Hall of Fame rookie?

How does he average 13.8 yards per time, the highest number of NFL rookies in 23 years?

I don’t know what the future of Hurts will look like. I don’t know if he is QB’s answer. I don’t know if they need to select a quarterback next year. […]

But I know one thing. If the injury fails, it won’t be because he can’t throw the ball. [nbcsports.com]

Doug on Wentz/Hurts

John McMullen | Sports Illustrated

Finally, we will end this Wentz/Hurts-heavy WTS and see what Doug Pederson said on Sirius/XM Radio earlier this week when the team decided to choose Hurts when they already had Wentz… .

“[We] The introduction of Jaylen Hertz is not to weaken Carson Wentz, don’t do anything to take away his job or anything, because Carson is our starter,” Pedersen said.[Wentz] It’s the franchise and all things moving forward.but [we wanted] Someone who can come in and can be a substitute and learn how to play NFL games, bringing his talent to the Philadelphia Eagles. “

However, the law of unintended consequences dealt a heavy blow to Philadelphia.

When the team was in the golden age of their career at the age of 27, 10 months after a record-breaking contract renewal, the atypical nature of choosing such a high QB in the 53rd draft proved to be an epic misjudgment. Began to question the motivation of franchising. […]

“You enter the draft, you are looking for a quarterback every year,” Pedersen said. “We continue to look for quarterbacks and this will never change. Our backup quarterback won the Super Bowl [Nick Foles]In Philadelphia, we had to play a few times with our substitute. “

In many ways, the choice of “Injury” may make some sense in a vacuum, but it does not take human nature into consideration. [si.com]

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