No mess

Javier Tebas believes that if Messi chooses to replace La Liga with another European division, Spain’s top league can survive the departure of Lionel Messi.

There are reports that the superstar’s future in Barcelona is up in the air because the club cannot register for a new contract after exceeding the salary cap.

The Argentine organizer currently has no contract, and his most recent Barcelona deal will end on June 30.

Although the Argentine is one of the most famous football stars in the world, the 58-year-old Tebas believes that his withdrawal will not cause harm to the country’s top teams.

The La Liga chairman said: “Of course we want Messi to stay, but when you run a league, you can’t make decisions based on individual players or clubs.”

“C Ronaldo and Neymar went, we are still here, Serie A and Ligue 1 have not developed as they thought.

“Economically speaking, the Premier League is the best game in the world and it did it without a Ballon d’Or winner.

“Of course, if he (Messi) leaves, our opponent will be happy, but let us see what happens.”

Tebas thinks Barcelona can survive without MessiCredit: Associated Press


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